How far along? 29 weeks & 5 days

Baby Size: look at that tummy!!

Total weight gain: 13lbs but I wont know for sure until my next appointment which is on Tuesday.

Maternity clothes: YES! But on ocassions I can squeeze in to non maternity clothes. 

Stretch marks: Nope but we will see once my tummy goes back to its old self.

Sleep: I'm out as soon as I hit the bed but at times I wake up to pee. 

Food cravings: Everything horribly bad for me but I can't help it food is so delicious when ur constantly starving. (:

Best moment this week: I had a couple actually. 1) J finally finished the flooring in our little mans room so he built the crib. 2) We got my parents a getaway package to Vegas for their anniversary (they're currently creating new memories as we speak) 

Miss anything? No. I love being pregnant people are so catering to u its ridiculously funny that they feel the need to please a pregnant women. Can I be preggers forever?? 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Hehehe! No or else I wouldn't be stuffing my face 24/7

Gender: a lovely J look a like, but joke maybe on me if he looks exactly like me. 

Symptoms: Still dealing with acne but its definitely under control by now, hippo feet which I laugh at BTW... The other day I went from flats to converse and I realized I barely had enough shoe lace to tie them bahaha. Peeing frequently. Ravenous. 

Wedding rings on or off: Surprisingly still on. 

Happy or moody most of the time: I don't think I'll ever be moody. I feel so blessed to be here that I give God thanks every morning. 

Looking forward to: Our babymoon vacay!! Counting down the days til we're out of this crazy off and on raining. Plus Js family will get the biggest surprise ever!! 
I haven't been the greatest with blogging and I apologize. I always have ideas in my head of what I want to write about but never have the time to do it. Today was unexpected time off since I came home sick. Bleh!

This past weekend was wonderful and I couldn't have asked for anything more. When you are surrounded by family who is truly over the moon for you to finally be here, pregnant, after all our struggle is quite tearful. SHOCKED could not describe what I felt after everything we received during our baby shower. It made me realize that being so open about our struggle has not gone in vain. People were more than willing to celebrate Baby JR's arrival, since J and I cannot agree on a name everyone is referring to him as Baby Jr.

Here are a few pictures of the day I honestly never thought I would be able to experience.

My Aunt C made this for us

Before we found out the gender of our son I told my cousin I wanted a Dr Seuss theme if it was a boy. If it was a girl I didn't care just as long as it wasn't all pink. Little did I know it is extremely difficult to find Dr Seuss decorations at stores. My cousin was planning my shower that she became overwhelmed since she couldn't find anything. After my family announced they were flying in from California for Mother's Day weekend they wanted her to change the baby shower to that weekend. I could see she was at a lost so I took the wheel on the decorations since I wanted this particular theme. My mom, aunt, SIL, cousin, and I came together and made the decoration. The cake was decorated by my SIL as a surprise, my cousin made/ decorated the cupcakes, my SIL also made the diaper cake. Although I helped with the decorations I was not part of setting anything up so seeing it all put together made me extremely emotional.

My Parents & I

My Dad's parents & I

My aunt V & I

My aunt E & I

I was extremely surprised to see someone got us a crib!! Who does that??!

Yes there was even Volleyball at my shower

My cousin's youngest son

Can u see how disgusted their faces look? How do babies eat this stuff?

My Fam Bam that I love so much!

Seeing everyone come together to celebrate our little man was wonderful. J was shocked to see that we got almost everything in our baby registry. (He said I was wasting my time creating one. SMH) Now all we have to do is get his nursery put together and organize all his belongings. I can't believe there's only 12 weeks left until I meet this little one.
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