TTC Timeline

2008-2012: TTC Naturally

May 2012: Started looking into herb supplement for DH & I

August 2012: Caved in and set up an appt with RE

Sept 14 '12: First appt with RE - Ultrasound confirmed I ovulated on CD 23 - Right ovary has 10+ follicles - Left ovary has 15+ follicles (ovulated on L) - Uterine lining 11mm - Diagnosed with PCOS - Progestorone 26.4 - Blood HCG negative 5DPO DH Analysis - Count 39.1m/ Normal 20m - Motility 60%/ Normal 50% - Morphology 30%/ Normal 30%> - Spermacides came back negative so sperm can penetrate egg on its own

October 2012: Tried Naturally

November 2012: Birth Control due to Rubella Vaccine

December 2012: Failed HSG: Tight Cervix/ Catheter wouldn't go in

January 2013: Cervix dilation plus 2nd attempt at an HSG. Unsuccessful. Catheter still wouldn't go pass my cervix.

February 2013: RE decided that since all my other testing came out fine we will go ahead with IUI.

Feb 7-11 '13: Clomid 50mg

Feb 14 '13: Sonogram to check for follicle(s)

Feb 19th: U/S showed 1 mature follie of 23mm; Linning 12mm; Triggering tonight @6:30pm

Feb 21: IUI w/ 37m, 65 mot, 45 morph

Feb 28th 13': P: 33 E2: 233

March 7th 13': HCG negative

March 12 '13: Began Clomid 100mg CD5-9

March 15 '13: 3rd attempt on HSG; different location + Valium
Results: HSG confirmed left tube is BLOCKED; everything else is normal

March 19 '13: U/S confirmed 2 possible follicles measuring @ 12 & 13mm on right ovary =) OPEN SIDE! FX crossed! Left side has 1 possible measuring at 9mm..hopefully it does not decide to be the dominant one

April 8 '13: BETA revealed no pregnancy. Actively looking for a new RE.

May 16 '13: Had new RE consult. Immediately fell in love with staff and new RE. Went over my file from my previous RE and I was completely shocked on how little the previous RE had revealed on my current diagnosis. New RE wants to perform further testing to confirm PCOS since medically speaking I already meet 2 out 3 to be diagnosed with PCOS. (i.e. irregular periods and polycystic ovaries)She also wanted to perform a saline test + 3D u/s to confirm or rule out blocked tube and possibly having a tilted uterus. Opted out of doing any further medicated cycles until all test results came back.

May20 '13 Saline testing was performed with 3D u/s. Results: Uterus is normal. Blood results came back revealing elevated Prolactin levels. (Somehow may be connected with my PCOS.)Test was redone to confirm it was not a fluke.

June 12 '13: Follow up with Dr. B to go over results. All is fine besides my cholesterol, which I have known. Prolactin levels were a fluke back to normal. Saline test confirmed left tube is indeed blocked and revealing uterus is tilted to the right side. Discussed treatment options with an outcome of performing one last IUI then moving fwd with IVF.

June 19 '13 CD3 U/S: Go ahead to start letrozole on CD 5-9

June 27 '13 CD11 U/S revealed 4 antra follicles. 2 on each side. Left ovary: 16mm & 13mm (blocked side). Right ovary: 15mm & 12mm. Lining 7mm.

June 29 '13: Ovidrel shot @ 9:30pm. First time I gave it to myself and froze in place for like 5 minutes.

July 1 '13: IUI# 3: J provided his lowest sample ever. U/S revealed no ovulation yet but in the verge of ovulating.

July 4 '13: Started progesterone.

July 17 '13: Beta test. BFN

We took a break due to our vacation

September '13: Started IVF

October '13: Retrieved 25, 17 matured, 15 fertilized, 10 embryos made it to blastocyst stage.
Transferred 1 embaby, my clinic doesn't transfer two unless theres 0 to few to freeze.

November '13: IVF = BFN + OHSS. Had to get drained do to severe OHSS

December 31'13: FET # 1: transferred 2 embryos (my decision)

January '14: BFP!!! BETA # 1: 251 P 27.8 1/10
BETA # 2: 807 P 23 1/14

6 week ultrasound: 1 sac no fetal pole
7 week ultrasound: Sac is bigger still no fetal pole :( Confirmed Blighted Ovum

February 6 '13: Scheduled D&C @ 8 weeks. Sent placenta for Genetic Karyotype testing.
February 28th testing came back all normal male tissue

Reversed BETA
2/13: 378
2/28: 10
3/7: 4

March 9 '14: After 9 weeks i finally got my period again!! Planning FET # 2

June 20 '14: Transferred 2 beautiful embryos

June 25 '14: BFN on FRER

June 30 '14: BFN on FRER

July 1 '14: beta confirmed BFN

July 3 '14: Consult with new RE (same clinic); 5 embryos left. Going to perform another HSG and saline test to see if my polyp grew back. No BCP for upcoming FET cycle. Possible assisted hatching. Continuing weekly acupuncture.

July 6 '14: taking Fertility Blend to make sure my cycles don't prolong as they tend to do.

July 10 '14: HSG & Saline ultrasound revealed my polyps are back. Scheduled hysteroscopy to remove polyps once again.

Aug '14: Transferred two beautiful embryos

Sept '14: BFP, TWINS!, Miscarriage

Oct '14: Lab work results indicate I tested positive for Lupus Anticoagulants and two genes of MTHFR

Nov '14: Transferred one embryo. Added Lovenox, Baby Aspirin, and Prednisone to my protocol.


Dec '14: Started bleeding once again- assumed another miscarriage. Ultrasound revealed a healthy baby with a strong HB.

Feb '15: Returned back to work and all bleeding stopped.

Stopped prednisone at 10 weeks, continued lovenox until 19 weeks but MFM wanted me to stop at 14 weeks. Baby aspirin was taken throughout my whole pregnancy.


When baby boy turned 6 months i began acupuncture to regulate my cycles, did a hormonal detox cleanse (both of us), and started tracking my cycles.

May '16: Began planning FET for baby # 2. Prior to starting all procedures for FET we got our miracle BFP! Started my medication to retain pregnancy instantly.

Jan '17 Baby # 2 was born.


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