Stats: 16.14 oz as of today

Nicknames: Mr. Grump, Izzy, Prince/ In Spanish: Gordo, Mayito, Chuyito Mi vida

Likes: Getting into everything. If he can reach for it he will grab it play with it, throw it, toss it, whatever he can manage. He loves food! There isnt anything he wont eat with out screaming for more. He loves plain greek yogurt with smashed fruits. He loves seeing other kids running around or playing with him. Going bye bye or just being outside.

Dislikes: When we lay him down to go to sleep. Being alone at any given time.

Special Skills: Grunts like a champ. He fights you off when he's in a grumpy mood. Manages to get from point A to point B by rolling or dragging himself.

Sleeping: This is still hit or miss. Depending on how hungry he gets during the night. Usually up once before I have to wake up and again once I am awake.

My goal was to update more frequently but my job decided to block this site and at home I have 0 to no free time available. Last night we had a little scare since he woke up around 12:30 throwing up. It continued until almost 3 am. My poor baby was extremely tired that he couldn't stay up every time he threw up. He finally managed to fall asleep we were so paranoid we slept with the lights on. Around 5:30 am he woke up hungry and managed to keep his milk down. I took him in to get checked out just to make sure everything was ok even though he looked completely fine. The nurse practitioner said he must of ate something that didnt settle well in his tummy and after he threw it up he was fine. Whatever it was it scared the heck out of us. I was glad to see him back to himself when he woke up though and enjoyed a full day with him. Made me realize how much I miss out on when I am at work. Ugh! #strugglesofaworkingmom
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