I have been meaning to update this little abandoned blog for a while. In all honesty I haven’t had the energy or mentality to do so. This pregnancy has been the complete opposite from my last pregnancy which had me completely convinced there was a little girl cooking up in there. WRONG! I guess Doctors are right when they keep reminding me that every pregnancy is different.

My first trimester was tough compared to my super easy non-symptomatic pregnancy. As soon as I hit the second tri I was looking forward to having a break and getting my energy back. Little did I know new and unexplainable symptoms would arise. During one of my OB appointments I mentioned everything I was experiencing and was told it was all normal pregnancy symptoms. Then when I had my MFM appointment I once again reiterated what I was feeling. They gave me a look of concern which made me extremely suspicious as to why my OBs office dismissed them as “normal”. My MFM is only there to monitor my son not me personally but they went the extra mile to ensure everything was ok with me as well.

- Cervix was still long and closed
- Urine sample was all clear

They advised me to follow up with my OB just to ensure everything was ok and they weren’t missing anything. Since I just had my OB appointment I had to wait 3 weeks to even see her. Well this mama did not make it since it had been close to a month since I started experiencing discomfort. My pain got so severe I called my husband bawling that he could not comprehend a word I was saying. I couldn’t even walk to the restroom without crying in pain. He came to pick me up and took me to L&D since I didn’t want to drive. I was of course redirected to triage since I wasn’t in the “viable” stage. A week shy, actually. They did another urine analysis and monitored the baby. Everything came back fine so they referred me back to my doctor. The nurse looked me straight in the eyes and said she did not doubt me for one second that I wasn’t in pain but there was nothing they could do for me since all test were clear. Before I left the hospital I called my OBs office and they scheduled me in for same day. My doctor wasn’t in the office so I saw another one. I asked J to go with me because I felt like I was getting dismissed regardless of how much I tell them I don’t recall feeling this way with my previous pregnancy. My appointment was pretty much going to end the same that there is nothing wrong with me. They ran further testing as well as checked that I wasn’t leaking amniotic fluid. Doctor convinced me that I was probably experiencing SPD.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) is a condition that causes excessive movement of the pubic symphysis, either anterior or lateral, as well as associated pain, possibly because of a misalignment of the pelvis.
Once I got home I cried thinking I was never going to make it full term with all the pain I was experiencing. For crying out loud I had more than 10+ weeks to go and it felt like an eternity just getting through 24 hour days. You know how people say not to google anything after getting a diagnosis? Well I did it anyways which only caused me more stress. Four days had passed and I didn’t hear anything back in regards to my results. I was starting to experience severe pain again with every walking step. Then before the day ended I received a call from my OBs office stating my results came back indicating I had a bladder infection and needed to start antibiotics right away. In that very moment I felt relieved that I wasn’t going mental. Little did I know it would be too late of a diagnosis. That same night I ended up once again back at L&D. I called the on call doctor and explained to her what was going on. She advised me to get to the hospital right away because the area I was experiencing my pain was my kidney. When I got there I was put in a room for 24 hour observation. She said my urine culture results were pretty nasty. They ran bloodwork to see if the infection had spread and started me on an IV right away. The following morning the new nurse stated bloodwork confirmed infection and doctor wanted me to stay for 48 hours to ensure infection was controlled. Well I only lasted there 24 hours before I went stir crazy so they agreed to discharge me with the condition of me taking the remainder of my antibiotics. Agreed. After 7 days to the T my pain started up again. I broke down. Why was this happening to me. Back to L&D it was. Another antibiotic shot and was told to continue taking one pill a day for the rest of my pregnancy.

Due to everything going on I was missing a lot of work. I requested an appointment to discuss a leave of absence from work. My doctor was available so I saw different doctor. I’ll save you the details and get to the point. I left the appointment crying, baffled, frustrated, and utterly shocked. Doctor basically called me crazy and said it was all in my head. I never had an infection in the first according to her. That my test results were contaminated which gave a false result. This mama did not keep her mouth shut and expressed all her thoughts. With that news though I decided I was going to stop my antibiotics completely since they weren’t helping and she obviously had no idea why I was put on them in the first place.

Luckily, all my pain and symptoms went away completely. Thank you Jesus!! Finally I began to feel like I was seeing the light at the end of a very long dark tunnel. My excitement for this little man’s arrival was growing. Every day that I get to see my first born grow into his personality makes me smile because I know what a wonderful big brother he is going to be. Sorry for the long post… I wanted to keep record of what happened for myself as well. I have not been taking bump pictures every week since I wasn’t feeling well. We did start up again so I’ll update the tab at the top with all bump pics as of now. I am definitely a lot bigger this time around. Not sure how much more I can keep growing.

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