A little History

Dh & I are both 23 years old (as of 2012). I know we are very young but starting a family doesn't have a set age to start trying. Some people have voiced out their many opinions about people in their early 20's having kids. This may sound cruel but I simply don't care what you think (if you are one of those ppl). No one is really ready to be a parent...as long as someone has a home to provide a child and is financially stable, then why not reach for the stars and follow your dream?

Growing up during Physical Ed, we would walk around and talk about how many kids we wanted to have. It seems kind of ironic now that I thought getting pregnant was as easy as 1, 2, 3. When I was 10 yrs old I had my first menstrual cycle...it was quite scary actually. I mean I had just learned about it in school but didn't actually think it would happen to me so soon. During this time I was away from my mother, we were staying with my grandmother during the entire summer. Let me tell you it was my FIRST and LAST cycle until I was 14 years old! Who does that?!

My mother worried tremendously, she said it wasn't normal. Every doctor she took me to said it was normal for girls my age to have imbalanced hormones. When AF finally started coming around I wish it would of stayed away. Every cycle was unbearable, I couldn't even get out of bed at times. The longer my cycles were the greater the pain. Once I was 18 I began to ask my doctors what could be the cause of this and no one seemed to want to give me answers. The same phrases were being used "given your age your body is still trying to develope itself". REALLY?! After years of not preventing not trying I knew there was something wrong. I got the courage to schedule an appointment with an RE. When the time came to go talk to him I layed the cards out on the table and told him there was something wrong with my reproductive system. My cycles were extremely wonky and showed up when they wanted to, when AF decided to show her face she would come with a vengence that left me crying on the first day of my cycle. We went off to do an transvaginal ultrasound and I was diagnosed with PCO (Polycystic Ovaries). All my bloodwork came back normal so they ruled out PCOS. The doctor told me my ovaries were producing to many follicles but not releasing them...and the ones that were released could not implant due to the egg/ lining being old since I ovulated to late in my cycle. Also, the pain I was experiencing when AF did show was due to my lining getting too thick due to my long cycles.

I finally felt like I wasn't crazy and there was a doctor who had answers. Now I begin my journey to the land of infertility and hoping for our first bundle of joy.

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