Throughout my pregnancy I constantly got told how exhausted I would be when baby arrived. If we didn't do team work I would become frustrated. To enjoy getting ready now before baby came because I could kiss those days goodbye. Blah Blah Blah! Same ol same ol stuff. Why don't people talk about significant things that you might come across so you wont question is this normal? So I decided I would write a post about my post partum experiences. Now I do realize not everyone goes through the same things but I wished these were the types of things women would have spoken to me about.


I recall my cousin telling me to enjoy it now before baby arrived. In her experienced she couldn't stand her baby's father to touch her. Her hormones were all over the place that the thought of having sex was not appealing. My experience, well lets just say I thought the 6 week waiting period was torture. Of course I kept these comments to myself because knowing J he would somehow convince me it would be ok to break the rules. Two or three days before my 6 week follow up I told myself "who cares its only a couple days". We attempted to do the deed and it ended in an epic fail. I was in a lot of pain that it was not worth it. My incision was not painful at all it was penetration. (Sorry TMI but like I mentioned I wish someone would have told me) I felt dry, even though J claims otherwise, I felt like I was being ripped open and it hurt when I tried using the restroom. I knew it wasn't a UTI but decided to ask my doctor about it anyways. Which leads me to my next subject.


Everyone points out all the great benefits of breastfeeding and doesn't speak about the side effects. Now before I continue on this subject I want to say I love breastfeeding even with the bad side effects. At my 6 week appointment I curiously asked the doctor if it was normal to experience dryness after delivering a baby. He laughed held my hand then said, "Everyone talks about the wonders of breastfeeding but they refuse to point out the side effects. Don't get me wrong you are doing such a wonderful thing for your baby you just have to adjust to these new changes." Breastfeeding causes dryness, random spotting (mine stopped completely at 8 weeks), constant hunger, and if you experience engorgement its quite painful. I personally feel when my milk is coming in and its such a weird feeling that at first it made me stop in my tracks. Not everyone has the privilege to experience these lovely symptoms but I did. As for why it was painful when we attempted to have sex well apparently when you deliver the placenta your brain gets a signal to tighten up again. After a few uncomfortable attempts things went back to normal, thankfully because I read some scary stories out there. Lastly, I have to avoid all dairy products specially milk because baby boy can't digest it right. No he's not lactose intolerant but the protein in dairy products hurt his tummy which causes bleeding.


Do I miss it? No. Baby boy isn't that bad when he wakes up. I can simply grab him from his cosleeper stick him to the boob and he's out again. Depending on how much sleep he gets during the day he will only wake up once during the night the most twice. Before coming back to work I was able to take naps during the day. Now I am able to get to sleep earlier at night instead of tossing and turning for hours. So I guess sleep is a hit or miss depending on baby.

These are a few things I wish people would have shoved down my throat instead of useless info we hear every time someone is pregnant. I'm currently pretending to work so I have to say goodbye for now. Hope this info helps some of you new mommas or future mommas. I constantly had to be asking these personal questions to friends that didn't mind talking about the subjects.
Its been a while since I've updated my blog. Its always on the back of my mind and I begin to write post but never have the time to finish them. Hopefully I can squeeze some time now that I am officially back at work. Maybe next week since I am still trying to get back in the groove of working plus I don't have access to most of my stuff which leads to being away from my desk throughout the day. Even though I am not writing I am keeping up with everyone's blogs for the most part.

There is not one day that I dont think, pray, sob, etc for all my TTC sisters. Even though I have officially crossed over the pain still lingers from my own journey regardless of how much joy my son brings me. Don't ever lose hope even when the odds are against you.

.....hope to write a longer post sooner rather than later.
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