Dear to my Heart

Why is it that the saying of "You don't know what you have until its gone" true? I am ashame to say that I did not realize what she meant to me before she was taken from my life. When I look back and see the efforts she put in to building a bond with me was truly unbelieveable. She had a good heart, darling mother, and a strong person. I can't help wondering why good souls leave this earth before the bad. It is not my place to question why it happened but I do want to write a little about our dearest friends that are now in heaven and looking down on their love ones.

First and foremost, I want to tell you a little about why they were special to me. Delora and David were such an amazing couple. They both shared and loved with equal value two amazing people in this world, their KIDS! (My heartaches when I think of them.) There was not one day that they did not mention their kids or showed us videos or pictures of the things they did. I knew this was a great bond between them and given their age I was surprise of how much they put their kids first. I met David through DH, we all went to the same HS. DH & David knew eachother since they were little kids. I believe they lived in the same neighborhood before David moved. Throughout HS David was one of the few friends of DH that I had great respect for. Now you might wonder why I felt this way...well my reason was simple...he never treated me like just DH's GF, he treated me like his friend. At first I didn't think much of it until years later. Once we graduated our friends went their own ways as so did we. We kept in touch as much as we could but eventually you stop hearing from people. When DH & I decided to get our own place it just happened to be around the time David & Delora moved to the same city. Both DH & David worked the night shift so everyday after work they would hang out in D & D's home. That's where our friendship rekindled. At this point I didnt know Delora, I knew about her but had never seen her. We all hung out one night and after that night David asked me why I didnt reach out to his wife to talk or go somewhere to get to know eachother. I was all for the idea but I never really made the effort. Until, DH & him both asked why I hadnt called her and if it was ok to give her my #. I made excuses not realizing that I was putting it off. The day came that Delora and I had our heart to heart talk....even if I try I will never forget her face with tears. She was very honest with me about everything. When I moved to Texas she stayed with me on the phone while I drove at night. She said she wanted to keep me up until I reached my resting point. All these memories I have of her...bring tears to my eyes.

I still remember the day I found out she was gone. I was sitting at work when I received a text, a TEXT from another friend saying Delora and David had passed away the night before. My eyes began to fill with tears, my chest felt as if someone had punched me, I couldn't breath. I could barely get up from my desk to call DH. He had already received a phone call from another friend telling him what happened. (I would rather get a call than a text, but that's just me personally.) We flew down to California for the funeral. I cried for days on end asking why of all people did they have to be taken from this world. The funeral was hard to bare...when I saw their daughter & son (4 & 2 at the time)I began to cry even more telling DH that it wasn't fair that they got both their parents taken at such a young age. My heartached when I saw the little girl ask her grandfather if she could put flowers on her mom's sleeping bed.

During this hard journey there is not one day that I don't remember Delora. She was the only one that cared enough to ask about my troubles to conceive. She always gave me pep talks that my day would come and our kids would be the best of friends just like there dads. (Trying to collect myself) Now IF my day ever comes will our kids ever meet one day? I told DH that when that day comes that we do get the opportunity to have our own child, I would love more than anything for him to take me to their tomb so I can share the news because they were the only ones who really cared for both of us and werent afraid to show it.

David & Delora you will always be in our hearts and never forgotten.
R.I.P 4/17/11
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  1. Wow, this made mea tear up. I can't even imagine how tough that was for you to write and recall those feelings. Such a reminder that everyday is such a precious gift and not to take a single moment of it for granted! I am sure that your dear firends are looking down and watching over you and DH.

    Thanks for sharing such a precious and special memory with us.