Whoa! I honestly believed I knew everything there is to know about IVF, until today. My mind is all over the place right now. Ok. Let me rewind back to my actual IVF consult w/ Dr. Brown on Tuesday of last week. 

Before this appointment I was expecting to go in there and get the whole shebang. As far as my protocol, calendar, etc. instead we got a little debrief of what IVF is and what are the clinics procedures. We also briefly discussed our prior IUI and how we agreed to move fwd to IVF if we weren't successful. She thought this was our 100% absolute best option. J's concentration has decrease tremendously since we started treatment.  We both knew it had a lot to do with his drinking and smoking. Of course we didn't mention this to Dr B bc she had already asked him to stop all that. Again we both know he may stop for a couple weeks but get back to it. Dr. B says that they only do IVF w/ ICSI so he doesn't have to work hard at trying to increase his swimmers. I know this doesn't guarantee fertilization but it gives me hope. Since I have irregular cycles she mentioned that I was already at risk for OHSS, Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. This means my cycle is already at risk of possible cancellation. Ugh! Lets just hope that doesn't happen. On Monday, I went in for my mock transfer which in turn I was told I needed a hysteroscopy. Why? Bc my endometrial lining looked bumpy, meaning possible polyps. Yay me!! i have my surgery scheduled for September 4th.  

Although my treatment is being delayed I did have an IVF class to learn about my protocol, medication, injections, etc. I feel so confident about using injections and when the time comes my hand becomes jello. J works nights so I'm solo on this, he is going to try his best to get a schedule change during that time so he can be here. He doesn't want me to go through all this alone besides he can practice so when the intramuscular injections come around he won't be so tough on me. 

As of now a calendar wasn't given to me since my surgery is still pending. Once the surgery is done with I have to wait until my Dr clears me and then I can proceed. Dr B is leaving on maternity leave. She did such a great job hiding it bc I had no idea she was pregnant. What does this mean for me? Well her leave is going to take a toll on out of pocket expenses. She was the only Dr in the clinic that was considered a ObGYn so my insurance covered 90% of the cost even if my deductible wasn't met. Now they won't cover anything until my deductible is met. Even after its met I am responsible for 20% of the cost. I guess it's not so great to plan ahead bc things don't always go ur way. We saved money for medication and the other out of pocket expenses. This unexpected surgery is taking a big chunk from my savings. The nurse assures me that my insurance is covering a big portion of it but I still need to cover my deductible. Not only do I have to a physician fee, I also need to pay a facility fee plus anesthesia fee. As of now I don't even know how much I truly owe them but my gut feeling is telling me its not going to be pretty. 

So here I am playing the waiting game again. It's a never ending game. BCP are not doing my body good. I'm constantly bleeding or spotting. I was instructed to stop them after surgery until my Dr clears me bc I have already been on them way to long. You think??! 
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  1. Glad you're getting off BCP. I have constant break through bleeding too. Hate them! So happy that you are on your way to IVF...hopefully that means you're closer to your BFP.

  2. Glad to hear everything is moving forward! I am so sorry that you have some unexpected expenses. I hope this will all be worth it in the end and you get your BFP!

  3. I had to do 95% of my injections solo. It's really not that bad once you get used to it. The hardest part is getting yourself to actually stick yourself with the needle. And most of the time, that's the scary part, but not the painful part... Good luck with everything and glad you're moving forward!

  4. Okay, so I was just thinking about you today and thinking I haven't seen an update in forever...so I had your link wrong!! I'm so sorry I've been so MIA on your progress! I really suck.

    Sounds like you're really moving forward and I'm excited for you!! The unexpected expenses are never fun, but I agree with Gypsy...it will all be worth it in the end for you.