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Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples. Someone you know is probably suffering from infertility and you might not even know it. Infertility can affect people differently emotionally. Some are afraid or even embarrassed to talk about it. Not here! I can be an open book with anyone if they are curious to know our story. J on the other hand is conservative when it comes to our situation. He isn't embarrassed to speak about it, he just chooses to be discrete.

When we officially attempted to start trying we, like any couple, announced that we were ready to expand our family. Worst mistake ever! Why is that? People became aware that months and years past by and still no baby. Undesired advice came our way that sooner or later I just smiled and pretended to appreciate their advice. THEN...that undesired advice turned to blame. Blaming us for not being able to conceive because J drank to much or smoked to much. I saw the agony in his heart when these comments were starting to get to him. Truth is, J isn't the cause of our infertility. I am. I have PCOS, a blocked fallopian tube, and just newly diagnosed Thyroid, when my body becomes pregnant. Yes, J has low concentration but lets be real here. There's just too many odds against us as one. After three failed IUIs, 1 fresh IVF, & a FET (which resulted in a blighted ovum) we became closer than ever. We share a bond that many couples will never get to experience. Some days are better than others but with each others support we will get through this.

We as humans are somehow programmed to try to solve every problem that gets thrown our way. Sometimes we just have to learn how to listen and give a shoulder to cry on. During my journey I have met many wonderful women. Some who are still struggling others who have beat infertility. My friendship has not changed with any of these women. Sure our conversation might have changed from infertility to the beauty of motherhood. From the bottom of my heart I truly enjoy both topics. Because regardless of their current status their friendship remained the same. Remembering my upcoming appointments, picking me up when I am feeling blue, etc. These are friendships I will forever cherish regardless of how my journey ends.

So next time you want to show support to an infertile friend, family, co-worker do something nice for them. Ask them how they're doing if they are open about their struggle. Say a little prayer for them. The smallest things are the ones that stay in our hearts.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jojo!! PS like the new design!

  2. What a sweet post. I love how supportive you always are of others, no matter what they're going through or if they've crossed into motherhood territory. You are such a gracious and selfless and caring woman. :)

  3. You are a great blogger friend. You are always cheering people on even when things are tough for you. Keep the fight little lady. You will make an awesome mom!

  4. Keep fighting girlfriend, we will all be here supporting you and cheering you on!