I'm back

Vacation was fantabulous and I am dearly sadden that it came to an end. We had a wonderful time while we were in California creating new memories. Al though I ended up getting the flu I did not allow that to ruin my time there. 

We started the weekend with the bacherolette party, the men had their own bachelor party of course.  It was a blast even when I was the designated driver. 

The following day we drove to Venice Beach and explored. I must say it took my breath away. Everyone and everything was lively. 

During the week J & I decided to go to Newport Beach, w/ Xena (our pup), to enjoy the sun. I even got a tan on my white legs! Yay! 

Sure enough the wedding arrived... It was a lovely day with lots of tears of joy. 

These are just some random pics. We returned home to my newly born niece. Xena loved being a watch dog while we were in California. J and our lovely niece, she's such a cutie. Then J with his little brother the day of the wedding. 

The start of our vacation was a bit dreadful for me. No one in J's family knew about our miscarriage which led to the usual questioning "When are u starting your family?" Etc, etc. tears flowed down my cheeks when I was alone. I wanted to go home because I felt like everyone was being cruel. In realty they were just clueless about our situation. J isn't opened about our journey to parenthood so how would they know. He began to see the pain in my eyes when the questions kept coming that he did something I never imagined. He opened up and talked about our miscarriage. I also had a deep conversation with my sister in law, the one who got married, and found out she also experienced a recent miscarriage. Can you say bonding time? I've known she has had trouble conceiving, secondary infertility. When u finally find the love of your life and want a family that pain can sting. It pains me to see her go through something I wouldn't wish on anyone. Whatever happens I will be right there by her side. 

As for us lining check was yesterday and everything was good to go. I ended up going to an express clinic on Tuesday because of my tonsil pain. Unfortunately they gave me a steroid injection to soothe the pain since I didn't have an infection. My Dr wasn't pleased but said since I wasn't going through IVF it was ok. Let's cross our fingers I don't get sick again. Getting nervous!! 

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  1. I'm glad you had a fun vacay! Sorry you got the flu though. :( Pur guys seem to swoop in at the right time, huh? Good for J taking care of all the tough questions. Do sorry to hear about your sis in law; I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that God does gives us friends to walk this journey through with. Yay, lining check! Excited for you!!!

  2. Go glad you had a good time, but major bummer about getting sick!!! Hope you get some good rest!

  3. Glad you had a good time although you were sick. While I wouldn't wish infertility on anyone it's always good to be able to talk to someone who has been or is going through the same thing. :)

  4. Beautiful pics of CA. So glad you had a good time! Hope you feel better soon and that the steroid shot helps!

  5. Beautiful pics!

    I think its healthy to have people you can talk to about infertility. I know it helped us a lot!

  6. Lovely pics! So happy that you had a nice time. Glad all things are a go for your FET.

    I'm so happy you were able to have a good, real conversation with your SIL. You both probably got a lot out of that. Sending you big big hugs.

  7. Looks like a very fun trip! Glad you're back and hoping for a good upcoming FET.