Dear Polyps,

Sorry to say but we can't be friends. I'm not sure why you keep insisting on being so attached to my uterus. She doesn't like you and would greatly appreciate it if you both left her alone. 

Yup those pesky polyps have made their appearance once again. This time around I have two. One smack dab in the middle of my uterus and the other on the side. The one in the middle looked rather huge. Sigh. This means I will need to have another hysteroscopy. Only good news, I considered it good, is HSG confirmed that my left tube is definitely blocked from the inside of my uterus. Either that or doesn't like the dye at all. Dr B wasn't concern and said she sticks with her previous decision of not needing further surgery to look at the tube. 

Since we did away with BCP we are also doing away with any other form of pill. No estrogen pills I will be on the patches. No PIO this round either just vaginal progesterone. I guess they really wanted to change things around. I'm just glad my behind gets a break. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday the 15th. For a second, or more like half a day, tht surgery wasn't going to happen. As I mentioned J has been sort of questioning our treatment lately. When I told him I needed surgery he wasn't pleased but he was ok with it. Later that same day his perspective changed. He was not having it! He basically said he wanted us to just stop all this. All I could do was respect his decision so I cancelled everything. When I did I felt my heart breaking but I knew in my heart we were a team and if he wasn't ready then I should give him time. When he finally got home from work he told me he just couldn't stand seeing me in pain. He can't bare seeing me suffer after surgery. After discussing it I realized he was confusin this surgery with the egg retrieval. Hence OHSS. Yes, I got extremely sick during that time to the point that I couldn't breath. So it all made sense on why he was so upset. He wasn't present during my last hysteroscopy so he was sorta clueless. 

So after laying everything on the table he agreed to move forward. I was stressed out this morning trying to get them to schedule the surgery again. My nurse wasn't responding so I immediately thought it wasn't going to happen. Then I had the scheduler call and basically told me, "Dont worry I have a husband too and I know how they can be." (: 

Dr B says we can start my FET cycle after I begin my new cycle no need for a break. Yay! Happy Friday everyone!! 
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  1. Im sorry you have to have surgery again but this is wonderful news that you can move forward with the FET. You are in my prayers girl!

  2. Ugh, stupid polyps! Hoping once they are cleared this cycle will be a success! Lucky you with no more PIO!

  3. So sorry to hear that you have another obstacle. Stupid polyps. You're on my mind…hope your surgery goes smoothly.

  4. Dumb dumb dumb polyps. Hoping surgery goes well and you can move on. Xoxo