Ditch day (:

The day I dreaded has come and went.  I have to admit it wasn't as daunting as i expected.  I woke up with a peaceful mindset. Funny. ..I have to admit I felt the tranquility in my heart since the day before and I owe that to God.  He truly has listened.

We arrived to the clinic and I was greeted with a birthday card.  When Dr. B came into the room she pointed out how excited I looked.  The ultrasound revealed my lining was finally at 4mm. Finally passed one milestone.  J decided to remind her that I was glowing because it was my bday.  Well I got the biggest surprise of my life.  Dr. B and I share the same birthday. Sign or not? It's like the Lord was trying to tell me something. Dr. B shared a story with me. The last time she shared a birthday with one of her patients it ended with a happy ending. She went on to explain that this patient went through a similar situation and after her birthday she got her success. Motivation. .. indeed.  J and I admitted how Dr. B has become such a blessing in our life's. If you were to meet her you would instantaneously gravitate to her. (Later a nurse called to let me know my estrogen levels and progesterone are elevated.  I have to go back Monday for more blood work before I can start meds. )

Since it was my birthday J and I decided to play ditch. It totally felt like I was ditching school.  Missing work in the middle of the week was pretty awesome. He took me to breakfast.

We went to a new place,  a little cafe by my clinic.  The food wasn't too bad. 

Then we went SHOPPING! Can you say fun? ! When I arrived home I received cute gifts from my nieces. 

The top picture is from my 4 year old niece. She said it's her and I. The bottom is from my 7 year old niece. She was excited to show me her butterfly. 

My parents are out of town because my grandfather is having surgery. Before they left they gave me flowers and a card. Like every year. .. although this year was a bit different. My parents both took the time to write something special inside, as well as, my little bother. I was touched by what they ask decided to write. It truly touched my heart.  This is a sign, he truly is good. 

“And [so that you can know and understand] what is the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power in and for us who believe. ...”
(Ephesians 1:19, AMP)
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  1. Happy birthday Jojo!!!! I LOVE the gifts from your niece and nephew - just the sweetest. Hope you have a great weekend celebrating!

  2. That food looks way better than "not too bad". Yum! Glad to hear you are on track with your cycle. Super sweet notes from your niece and nephew. Pretty impressive handwriting from the 7 yr old too! Happy birthday beautiful!

  3. Awww happy birthday! glad it was a great day! My RE's bday was on my transfer day and she told me she wished for success for me, and it worked! So maybe this will be a thing! LOL