It seems that my body and mind like to play games with me. How could've I not figured this out sooner? I knew there was something odd about my spotting. Things didn't feel right it felt like the witch was on its way. Once that subsided the symptoms became evident there was another culprit. Yup I have a lovely UTI!

By Thursday the pain became unbearable and just like that it hit me. I grabbed my phone texted my nurse and demanded an appt for the next day. OK, ok didn't have to demand I simply asked if I could stop by the following day. That morning I noticed blood on my pantyliner and I became nervous. I mentioned it to the nurse and as soon as those words left my mouth another nurse yelled, "There's blood in her urine sample. Definitely an infection."

You mean I could have been bleeding all along because my body was trying to tell me something? Apparently this isn't the first time I developed one. During my last miscarriage I also went in because I was uncomfortable. Lab results showed I had a bacteria infection and no one told me anything! Now I'm wondering if it ever left in the first place.

Antibiotics and cranberry juice it is! I'm hoping I can clear this up soon and I don't have to be in so much pain. At first I thought this was going to put my mind at ease (laughing) not even one bit. My acupuncturists asked me of I was stressed after feeling my pulse. I couldn't lie...I've been a little over the edge. I even developed major insomnia which doesn't help.

9 more days until the fate of this pregnancy is revealed.

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  1. I hope you're feeling better soon! I'm sending you so many good vibes.

  2. Those suck! GLad they caught it. Thinking of you tons this week!

  3. Oh no! That's awful. Poor thing. Hope it clears up quickly. Sending you positive thoughts this week!!! XOXO

  4. Omg! I'm glad you got answers and know what was causing it!!!

  5. I sure hope you are feeling better really soon! I pray that in 9 days you get your relief. Thinking of you!

  6. oh jojo, you can't catch a break... praying that your UTI clears up quickly and the next 9 days go fast and you get some great news!