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I wanted to write a quick update before I was off on vacay. I initially wanted to write a post on J's bday but never got to it. I honestly thought people were exaggerating when they said they were exhausted. Jokes on me! Although I can easily nap after work I choose not to because I know I wont sleep at night.

J's birthday was on June 1st, Happy 26th Birthday hun! Since we are going on a long vacation J decided on dinner and a little gathering afterwards at my brother's house. Of course they stayed up late drinking while this chick called it a night around 1:30 AM. Again exhaustion is my BFF lately.

My Baby Niece was also invited.

They enjoyed their seafood appetizers while I just watched and ate chips. Not really a fan of seafood anyways. Our actual dinners were Mexican food. You can bet I stuffed my face with that. The heartburn was well worth it. Prior to us going to dinner we attended a kids birthday party. It was a Frozen theme which my niece enjoyed very much. We arrived late but apparently the princesses were their and they were singing. I have never watched Frozen so I dont know these peeps by name.

She wanted a snowflake too but her face was too small.

Prior to J's birthday my family was coming down to visit us from Cali. I know I mention some came during Mother's Day weekend and attended my baby shower but there was also other family I never got around to posting about. Its always nice to spend time with family you haven't seen in a while. We attempted to show my cousin around while she was here as much as we could since it was pouring at times.

As you can tell we enjoy photo-bombing each others pictures and being silly. Definitely a memorable weekend for her and us. Another cool thing I got to do was watch my niece's first birthday photo shoot. I snapped my own pictures of her while I was there cause I thought she looked adorable. She wasn't too fond of her cake, it actually looked like she didn't like how it felt in her hands. Bahaha!

On to my favorite part of this post.....


We got see our sweet little boy on Saturday. Its oddly amazing on how much detail there is. He was of course smiling then instantly frowning as if he caught himself laughing. Very cute if u ask me! We decided to of course share this experience with our family. My mother, Grandparents, Brother, SIL, and two of my nieces. My father was not in town so I immediately sent him pictures when we got out. He will be watching the video once he gets home. We couldn't decide who he would look like the most and then I stumbled upon a picture of J when he was a toddler. Am I crazy to see a resemblance?? J and I both agreed he also looked a lot like his nephew. We will see what my SIL says when she sees the photos and video.

Well at last I will leave u with a bump pic. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Everyone who is still waiting on their miracle I am always praying for you. For those who are currently expecting you are also constantly in my prayers.
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  1. How are you so far along already? Omg!!!! Love that bump!

    Love the other pictures too! Can't believe how young y'all are!!! You make me feel so old! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh- everyone in your family is just GORGEOUS!! You are a bunch of models! I"m so glad everything is going well and that you got to see your sweet boy!

  3. You and all of your family are gorgeous! ! Love the ultrasound that is amazing!!

  4. What great photos!! You look fantastic as always. Love how you are just rocking this pregnancy! So excited for you! That ultrasound photo is so awesome!

  5. You are looking fantastic! Aren't the 4-D pictures amazing!! It's getting closer to meeting your little man, so excited for you!