Wow I cannot believe I am writing a mommy post. Everything still feels surreal like I am going to wake up any minute now. Well waking up in the middle of the night doesn't count. (hahaha!) My little man is officially 3 weeks old today and I've been a full time mom now for 2 weeks. I don't count the week I was at the hospital since I had help from J & the nurses. I think the hardest part during these weeks is healing from surgery. I did stop the pain medications four days after leaving the hospital eventhough my body was not 100% healed. With that said I am truly grateful to have been blessed with an easy baby. (I hope it doesn't change anytime soon). Plus he is still strictly on breast milk which I'm still in disbelieve since my mother was never able to breastfeed. I do pump so he can be bottle fed to give J the opportunity to bond with him. When I first started doing this he refused to latch on because the bottle gave him instant milk when he was hungry. At first I was frustrated since at night he would cry as if someone was hurting him BUT i refused to give in. After giving him no choice he eventually gave in with some exceptions. He did not like latching on at night since my breast would be engorged. I didn't want to keep waking up J in the middle of the night so I reached out to a friend to get some tips on how she managed to breastfeed for a year. She did admit it took some time for her sons to get use to it since she also introduced the bottle. She did tell me to try my best not to get frustrated since he will sense it and will not latch on. Another thing she recommended was the nipple shield from Medela. I was hesitant since I knew he was able to latch just refused to at times. After reading reviews on it I decided to buy it since it could help with babies latching even when you became engorged. YAY! So far so good with using it at night.

When people say to stock up on pampers they weren't kidding. Our guest bedroom was filled with boxes of pampers and wipes. I ended up putting them inside his crib since he wouldn't be sleeping in it until 6 months. Sure enough once he arrived those bags/boxes started disappearing very quickly. 
*** I started this post on Monday but my little man woke up***

After writing this post Baby Ismael only used the nipple shield three times and now he latches on with no problem. Yay! So glad I didn't give in. He wakes up twice during the night to feed and goes back to sleep within 30 mins after each feed, unless he's half asleep then its instant. I've learned certain things help him go back to sleep when he's wide awake during the night. He loves when I run my fingers through his hair or when I lay him sideways on my chest with my hands between his legs patting his butt. 

When we first came home from the hospital I couldn't sleep in our bed since it was to high. We tried our guest bedroom for a couple days but it was too hot! So the living room it was, which led to him sleeping in his Rock N Play. (One of his favorite places to be). This became an issue since in our bedroom we had an attached cosleeper and he did not like it once we started sleeping in our room. It took some adjusting for him to finally sleep comfortably in it. After that he didn't like being in his Rock N Play, bahaha this kid is very picky. As of now he has learned to be in both without a problem. 
I know I am not a pro on parenting but I've learned what works for my son & me. This post is also all over the place but with a newborn waking up every 2-3 hours is hard to write a post without jumping all over the place. But I sure love waking up to this day & night. <3 
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  1. He is so adorable! Sounds like you guys are doing so well! ♡

  2. There are no words for how cute he is!!! I'm glad thing are going pretty well for you guys.

  3. Yay! You're a mommy. He's so precious. I think he beat out Mav for "most hair at birth". Ha, ha. Congrats.

  4. Oh my goodness, Jojo! Look at that hair -- what a hunk! So glad you guys are doing so well :)

  5. Wow look at all of that hair!! How precious!! It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job!! Jotting all of these tips down too!

  6. Ahhhh he is just so beautiful!!! I'm so glad breastfeeding is going well for yall! What a cutie!