5 Months

Stats: Not 100% sure but I am guess-mating around 15 – 16lbs. Height anywhere from 25 inch. Might be off.

Nicknames: Mr. Grump, Izzy, Prince/ In Spanish: Gordo, Mayito, Chuyito Mi vida

Likes: Blankets. Rolling around. Anything red, orange, or lime green. Bath time. Mommy running her fingers through his hair. Sleeping on his side. Standing- if we are next to him he will reach out to grab ur hands and pull himself up. 

Dislikes: Formula, he only takes it if he’s really hungry or its warmed up. The transitioning hasn’t been so bad but I think he is taking every moment mommy actually breast feeds him instead of pumping and bottle feeding. Hates tummy time but it doesn’t stop him from rolling around everywhere. Of course once he realizes he is on his stomach he whines about it. Hahaha!  Being tied down; will squirm, push, pull to try and get out.

Special Skills: Rolls around like a pro, al though he mostly prefers rolling to his left side. He makes this weird coughing noise and laughs afterwards; I assume that he is practicing his vocabularies. 

Sleeping: He was back to waking up once during the night but it honestly depends on his sleep patterns during the day. Some nights he has nightmares and he wont stop crying until I pick him up and talk to him. Usually goes right back to sleep when he realizes I am there.


I always told myself I would breast feed for 6 months and slowly transition him into formula. Considering that my cycle started up again at exactly 4 months pp my supply is just not the same around the time I ovulate/ during cycle. So I started the transition a month early considering I had to supplement during this time. What surprises me is that my cycles seem to have regulated which makes me wonder if PCOS is still lingering around. I guess time will only tell how long it will last. I was regular when I started my cycle as a teenager then out of nowhere PCOS creeped into my life.

We spent the holidays in California which felt different. I will hopefully get some time to write a post about it. I hope everyone’s 2016 year is starting out with lots of blessings.
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  1. Oh my goodness he is just precious!!! Such a cutie pie!!