8 month update

Stats: Have no idea but he's getting heavier (:

Nicknames: The Hulk, Grumpy, Prince/ In Spanish: Gordo, Mayito, Chuyito, Mulo, loquito

Likes: Interaction with kids or anyone that will entertain him. He loves to pull hair, being on the trampoline, swing, outdoors in general, he loves his new puppy Miss Kitana, apparently phones which I'm not particularly fond of but I use it to get him to start moving from point A to B.

Dislikes: Still hates to be told it's mimi time. When you tell him no. If he can't get what he wants he will throw a fit and throws everything you give him because apparently we aren't understand he wants things he can't play with. The funniest one is he hates pooping. Lol but he's good about doing his business so there's no constipation.

Special Skills: Hes an eater and he isn't particularly picky either. Is semi crawling, he has the whole going backwards crawling down but needs to work on moving forward, he takes two steps forward and then gives up BUT if you have a cell phone insight he will find away to get to it lol. Walking while you hold his hand has to be one of his favorites.

Sleeping: I've concluded I will be on #teamnosleep for awhile. Don't get me wrong he wakes up at 12am then until 5:30 am before I officially have to get up but those wake ups really get to my eyes.

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  1. On my goodness I just can not get over how cute he is!!!! He looks just like you I think. I get the same wake up times if not more :( Bowen loves looking at the pictures on my phone and even more so the videos of himself! haha

  2. He is so big and cute!! I know what you mean with the no sleep my baby is 10 months and he still gets up twice a night sometimes 3 times but its so worth it though!!