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Stephanie's Questions

1. What is your favorite band/musician? I can't say I have a fav band. I love music and tend to listen to all kind of genres. I.E I just went to go see Drake live

2. What do you like most about yourself? 
I have to admit I like being an introverted type of person. Reason for that is bc I like to observe other's personna before I open my heart to anyone.
3. What quality/qualities did you find in your husband that attracted you to him? Being a quiet/ shy person I was immediately attracted to his outgoing personality. 

4. If you are a working woman, do you really truly like your job? I do consider myself a working woman but I can't say I have my dream job. It's a good paying job with fabulous benefits but my dream job is being an interior designer. Which I hope to achieve sooner rather than later. 

5. Do you have any fears (heights, spiders, dark, etc)? Yes, I am such a wuss. I dislike anything creepy. I scream if anything biggish lands on me. I avoid scary movies as if they were the plague because J works nights an sleeping alone in an empty home is not my ideal preference. 

6. What are your favorite types of movies (comedy, drama, action, scary, romantic comedies, etc)? I watch anything that is not scary. 

7. If you could be an animal for a day, what would you be and why? An animal for a day, huh? A bird because I can just spread my wings and fly to get away for awhile. 
8. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing that you would buy? Money, money, money. Pay off debt before I buy anything. Then go to Europe.
9. What is the next thing on your "to do" list? Acupuncture!! Have my first appointment on Monday. 

10. What is your favorite childhood memory? My favorite childhood memory is running around with all the kids in my family being careless and oblivious to everything. 

Shay's Questions:

1. What is your least favorite household chore to do? My least favorite chore is cleaning the bathtub. Everytime I can convince J to do it makes my day.

2. Do you have any pet peeves? If so what are they? Pet peeves, let's see, well when parents don't raise their kids themselves and get upset when people call then bad parents.

3. What is your favorite holiday? I use to love Xmas but after experiencing infertility I can't seem to enjoy it. I hope one day I can love this holiday just like I use to.

4. If you could spend a day with any celebrity, who would it be? No one in particular. As long as they aren't stuck up.

5. What is your favorite US city? Haven't traveled extensively around the US so I have to say Santa Ana, Ca because it's were I grew up and it's what I know. 

6. What is your favorite drink? Depending on what type of drink. Alcohol: anything with pineapple juice. Non-Alcoholic: Home squeezed orange juice.

7. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you want to have?Honestly I dont and water lol. and a blanket!

8. What is your favorite season? My favorite season is FALL, I love wearing boots!

9. What is your most essential beauty item? Concealer is my best friend. I have horrible dark circles.

10. What are your favorite girl/boy names? Favorite boy name I would love to name my future child is Ezra. Don't ask why because I don't have an answer for that...I just like it. A girls name, well i always told J if we had a baby girl I would name her Destiny for the sole reason that she was destine to be in our lives.

I hope you all don't mind if I break the rules here and don't renominate. 
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  1. totally with ya on the scary movies thing! and i LOL'ed when you wrote you don't like when anything "biggish" falls on you... hahaha! great answers!

  2. Loved learning more about you darlin! Hoping that this year will bring good news just in time for Christmas!