After 12 months!

I am excited to say my body finally ovulated on its own after 12 months. Last time my body ovulated was during a egg collection. That was last year in October!! With two miscarriages in between I was never gave my body the opportunity to heal itself naturally. I mean who wants to take a break from TTC? Hehehe! I'm sure the liquid vitex and the other herbal supplement help with a little help of massage oil made from essential oils (all from the same company). I had only taken them for 11 days when my bbt dropped indicating possible ovulation, confirmed with OPK. Of course I was in denial until i could confirm it.

I saw my Dr today and she ordered blood work to confirm ovulation. If i in fact ovulated they will be scheduling my endometrial tickle next week. She was very pleased to hear I ovulated on my own but I'm sure she wasn't as over the moon like moi.

RPL results are in...

I tested negative for everything except the lupus antibodies. Which I was expecting. I guess we have an answer as to why my body keeps rejecting my embryos. Thanks to Emily @, I purchased the book she recommended "Is your Body baby friendly." I must admit it is very interesting and easy to understand. With the help of this book my Dr & I were able to come up with a plan. (Also I think I pretty much went off of Ems successful protocol. If it worked for her then why not?) 

New protocol: 
No BCPs. 
Endo tickle
Vivelle patches 
2ml of PIO  (We decided to ditch endometrin)
Transfer 1 6D blastocyst to ensure a safe pregnancy  (because we ARE conceiving again, positive thinking here)

This plan isn't concrete as I haven't received my new calendar. I am just going off of what we agreed on during our consult. She is still waiting on our karotype testing but is confident it wouldn't change our protocol. 

That's it for now just wanted to give a quick update. Have a great weekend everyone!
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  1. aw, glad you ovulated on your own after such a long time. and even happier that you have a plan!! hope you are able to get started soon, and im PRAYING this will be the one! (positive thinking from me too!)

  2. Sounds like you are in good hands with a master plan. I love your positivity and know it will help you bring home a baby soon! XOXO

  3. Yay for ovulating on your own!! Seems like your body is gearing up with that positive thinking :) Looks like a great protocol too!! You are on your way!! xoxo

  4. yay for ovulating on your own!!! Glad you have a good plan!!!!!!!

  5. Yay for ovulating!! Sounds like you have a great plan. I also think it's great having each other here where we can all share things we have tried that have or haven't worked :)

  6. All of this is great news! I'm so glad you are enjoying the book. Even though my RE (and most RE's out there) may not agree 100% with the theories presented regarding autoimmunity and the role it plays in miscarriage and infertility, many of them will at least agree "there is something to it." And, there is no harm in adding the steroids and Lovenox especially for people who carry antibodies. All it can do is reduce the inflammation and keep the blood flowing, so why not? So glad to hear you're incorporating them and that your RE is on board!

  7. Great new! Love hearing that your body is getting back to normal. Especially in time for your FET. It's always nice to know when you're at least getting a good start! Excited for your next transfer!!

  8. Great news!! I'm so glad you are thinking positively and I look forward to cheering you on for the next transfer!

  9. Congrats on ovulating! Love your positive attitude and new plan. Cheering you on. Hope that meditations CD helps to keep you relaxed.