Follow Up

Yesterday's follow included 12 vials of blood work, ultrasound, and peeing in a cup. First of all I'm glad my vein was in a good mood. Even the nurse said, "Well that was easy."

They are doing an RPL panel & Karotype genetic testing to see what is going on. Ultrasound revealed my body did as it should leaving my lining at 4mm. I did let them know I was experiecing a bit of discomfort down there but there was no infection. I guess my cervix is just a bit sensitive. HCG level came back at 29, hopefully by next week it's down to 0.

Results for testing will take 1-2 weeks & 3-4 weeks to come back. I'm guessing the RPL panel is 1-2 weeks since she mentioned calling me with a new plan next week. Like last cycle I will not be put on birth control. We are just going to allow my body to heal and hopefully ovulate on its own so I can avoid taking progesterone. I did start taking liquid extract vitex in hopes that it will help my hormones balance. Thanks to Caroline I am also getting the best sleep ever. She allowed me to use her discount to order lavender & peace and calming essential oils. First time using them gave me a headache but with her tips I am loving it. Peace and calming puts me right to sleep even when I don't feel tired. Besides these I'm also taking UteriCalm, it's a mixture of herbal extracts to prepare the uterus for conception. It's hard to stomach but whatever helps my uterus prepare for baby I will deal with it.

Since we saw benefits of having surgery before my last FET, just like our prior successful FET, Dr B is recommending an Endometrial Tickle. She explained that instead of putting me through surgery again this was the alternative. She will go into my uterus with a catheter to "rough up" my uterus to force it to heal and create new blood flow. I of course had to Google it and found that it is frequently used by RE. Another concern I had was if i would experience any discomfort during the procedure. The nurses face said it all so Dr B explained that the name could be deceiving. It's in fact not a tickle and it's not pleasant. (Scared face). I'm sure it can't be as bad as the drainage procedure I had when I had OHSS. 

I'm still debating if i should switch back to PIO instead of vaginal suppositories. She doesn't believe the miscarriage was caused by low progesterone so she wants to keep me on Endometrin. A part of me is scared to be put on it again and my body not absorbing them properly. I'm sure we can discuss this in depth when she calls me with a new plan when she gets my results back. 

Here's for another waiting game.
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  1. i'm glad you sort of have a new plan... hoping this next round works for you!!

  2. Praying for the results to turn out in a way that you can either find a solution or that they are what they need to be. Glad to hear the oils are working for you, I may have to try them out at some point.

  3. Happy for you to get some answers soon with your test results. Glad the essential oils are helping as well. You deserve some good R&R right about now.

  4. Essential oils work wonders for sleep. Hope you are able to move forward in confidence with your new plan. I think I'd switch to the PIO if I were you. But if you are staying on Endometrin, email me if you need more. I can send you my extra.