National Infertility Awareness Week

I never imagined that I would be writing a post on NIAW while expecting my first child. After 5 long years of trying naturally plus fertility treatments, it was hard to believe that I would finally be a step closer to becoming a mother. We are 1 and 8! I am not ashamed to say it or speak about it with strangers. Being open about our struggle has given me the opportunity to spread the word that if you are struggling you are never alone. Infertility is such a taboo in human society that everyone seems to act oblivious to what's going on around them. I encourage you to be open about your struggle even if its anonymous. Someone will find comfort in your story giving them the strength to keep fighting to achieve their goal.

Throughout our journey I have met so many wonderful, amazing women who understand the pain, confusion, frustration, and weirdly the excitement that comes with infertility. These women have helped me get through every obstacle that was thrown our way. Even after they achieved the ultimate goal, becoming pregnant & having a healthy bundle of joy(s), they continued to provide support and encouragement. As odd as it seems I see infertility as a blessing in disguise. Its hard to imagine when you are first starting this prolonged journey but trust me when I say this journey will shape you into a different person. You just have to make the decision if it will be a positive or negative change.

Infertility will always be a great part of me even if I have a successful outcome. I'm not the same person I was before I started this journey. Its easier to see true beauty all around us. Yes you are going to run into people who don't know what to say or say all the wrong things! Be their advocate educate them and move on. Hoping that the next person that crosses their path struggling with infertility will be treated differently. If we don't speak about it out of embarrassment or fear then who will?

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jojo! So glad you are on the other side now, but still so willing to share your story!

  2. Thanks for sharing and congratulations! Infertility is truly a tough road but it is one that will shape you in so many positive ways. I have learned so much in this journey but have finally become thankful for it.