Yay! Friday.

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you are all having a fabulous day today. I know some of you are off from work today and I totally am jelly of you right now. Wish my job would give me a three day weekend.

Boo! Well yesterday was my monthly ultrasound with the MFM. This appointment had to be the quickest one yet. The receptionist told me if I came in at 12:45pm I would be out in a jiffy since its right after lunch. Their office is about 5 minutes away from work so I was also saving on my sick entitlements. I ended up using an hour could have used less BUT I decided to stop by my old fertility clinic afterwards. I just can't leave em alone! Lol jk! One of my favorite nurses is leaving since she is getting married this month. She will be moving out of town afterwards so I won't get to see her anymore. (Tears) Nurse W was with me at every transfer. She always found ways to keep me calm, smiling, laughing, etc. True story: my bladder was super full one time and they kept making me laugh I was surprise I didn't pee on them. We definitely became close during my time in RMA that I will truly miss her. Besides I also wanted to see my other favorite nurse. She has also been there from day one of our IVF journey. Didn't matter if it was the weekend or 10:00 at night she would answer my questions/concerns. At every transfer she would leave what she was doing and go see me before, after, and sometimes during my transfer to wish us luck and say some prayers. These two ladies really held my sanity together. Everyone at RMA were super sweet and supportive that I considered them my second family. Unfortunately Dr B was busy with patients that I didn't get to see her. I'm sure they will update her on my bump status. Apparently my pictures deceive how small my bump really is. Bahaha!

Any who, like I said I got to see my little man yesterday. He is the most amazing little thing to me that I can't help but fall in love with him every time I see him. During the ultrasound the technician mention baby was breeched. As soon as she said that a bulb went off inside my little brain. No wonder his kicks have been lower than usual! I love it when he kicks even if sometimes its uncomfortable. He was being lazy while we were watching him. As soon as they wanted to listen to the blood flow of his umbilical cord or placenta he would kick the wand/object thing. (Whatever it's called). The technician didn't say anything she was a quiet one. When my Dr came in she was able to show me more details on my handsome boy. With no fail when she tried listening to the blood flow he started kicking it again. They were strong kicks too! She couldn't stop laughing and said he didn't want her listening. At the end of the day she said baby looked fine. He is growing right on track, guess what? His head was finally measuring the same as the rest of his body. No more big head!, he is weighing exactly a pound according to their measurements. Something told me he was the reason I gained a pound. Haha!

I was a bit sad I couldn't record for J. Who makes these rules? These are memories people!! J agreed to go to my next appointment since he hasn't seen our son for two months already. I believe the last time he saw him was at our selective gender ultrasound we paid for. That was at 15 weeks. He's constantly asking about what he looks like because our pictures don't really show much detail.

Our little man was yawning away.

I officially determined he is going to look like mommy. Take a look...

My cousin and I are about 3 months apart. We grew up like PB&J. When I sent him the picture of me sitting on top of the car he assumed it was him lol. I told him all though I look like a boy the original picture I had in my hand showed that I clearly had earnings on. 

Am I being biase? Or does he have my nose? We will know for sure in June when we get to see him in 4D. Unfortunately I don't have any baby pictures of J. We have like two but they aren't the greatest. I'm going to ask my mother in law if she happens to have some stash somewhere. He doesn't think so but u never know. 

On another note...J has been getting out at his regular time that we get to go walking to the river. Poseidon, our adopted pet, loves it! He doesn't get to roam freely since J is afraid he will leave/ get lost. Seeing the lovely green grass and beautiful flowers is amazing. 

Our lovely niece decided to join us that day. She looked shorter than usual next to Poseidon. Bahaha! She's 5 but fits into 3T sometimes 4T clothing. I think it's adorable! For a little thang she can talk. 

Well that's all for now folks. Hope everyone has a good Easter Sunday!
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  1. You have MONTHLY ultrasound appointments?! Man, you are lucky! :)

    and yes...

    He definitely has your nose! :) Can't wait to see the 4D ultrasound pics! I hope they turn out better than mine did! ;)

  2. Such good news!!!! So glad you are doing well! I bet feeling his kicks is so surreal!

  3. Happy Easter! Beautiful pics, looks like a nice walk to enjoy with your family. I admit he does look like he has your cute little baby nose but actually in your profile pic it looks like you and I have similar shape noses.

  4. Happy Easter! Beautiful pics, looks like a nice walk to enjoy with your family. I admit he does look like he has your cute little baby nose but actually in your profile pic it looks like you and I have similar shape noses.

  5. Such a cutie!!! Glad that everything is still going well :)

  6. Aw you were so cute when you were little! I'm thinking he's gonna look like you!