Four Months

Stats: I am not sure of his weight until Monday but he was at the doctors two weeks ago weighing in at 13lbs 2 oz. He is still wearing 3-6 month clothing depending on the brand of course.

Nicknames: Mr. Grump, Izzy, Prince/ In Spanish: Gordo, Mayito, Chuyito

Likes: Still in love with blankets. His face expression is actually pretty priceless when you give him a blanket. He loves to sit with Dad in the afternoon while Mommy is cooking, next thing I know he’s a sleep in Dad’s arm. He likes soft toys that have lots of colors; his face expression when he sees them is as priceless as the one for his blankie. This kid is a lover of people in general; if you talk to him he will give you the biggest smile ever. Bath time is still his favorite.

Dislikes: Still isn’t a fan of tummy time. He prefers being in his Rock N Play (which he is growing out of fast), bouncer, or just laying around somewhere than being held for long periods of time. Since my supply has strangely diminished we introduced formula this week at first he was ok with it but now he seems to know the difference and spits it out. Luckily he gets one or two bottle max of formula so it allows me to wean him in to it a bit.

Special Skills: He knows how to get people to do what he wants. Wish I was that talented! I guess people cant resist his little pouty face. Plus that hair! He knows how to remove his pacifier with his hand now, I think he enjoys this part until he realizes he can’t get it back into his mouth. Singing until he frustrates himself, you literately hear a nice little rhythm coming from him until it turns into a full on scream. Attention seeker! He also farts like a grown kid and gets a kick out of you telling him eww!

He got to meet his Great Grammy and she put him to sleep real quick. 

Sleeping: Hit or miss depending on his sleep pattern during the day. With the cold weather coming around he started waking up every 1.5 hours until I finally left him by my side. Mommy got smart and put a blanket underneath him and two blankets over him tucking his arms on top. (Now I know they say its not safe to give babies blankets but his co sleeper is literally attached to my bed where I can watch him. My son has never pulled his blankets over his head he actually puts his arms on top of the blanket to avoid them moving. Sometimes I catch him covering his arms when he is cold and its strange because he does it in a way that the blanket still stays away from his shoulder area. Either way whenever he wants his blanket off because he is hot he kicks them off until he is completely uncovered.) So yes this kid surprises me with the way he sleeps.

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