Who knew that ovulation and a menstrual cycle can affect your milk supply. I went from having 7 oz at each pumping session to 5 to barely 3 oz. Whoa! Baby boy is also not liking the taste of breast milk while I'm on my cycle. Thank goodness for formula. I've been told my supply should go back up once I'm done cycling but who knows.

On another note I also learned that exclusively breast fed babies don't poop everyday or every other day. My son goes anywhere from 4- 7 days between poops. I have taken him to the doctors for it but not because he's fussy just because I got worried. He was extremely happy during his appt that doctor said its normal if he's not crying or complaining then let him poop when he wants. All his stools are still loose when he does go so I guess he's good. Just had his 4 month check up and doctor once again said its normal and my son was a very active baby no signs of alarm.

So there you go folks new things I've learned.

PPS. First cycle after baby is the worst. :'(

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  1. Sending a smile to you.

  2. That happened to me too. Makes me miss breast feeding. Pumping ultimately killed my supply.

    I love your little guys hair!

  3. Since breast feeding did not work out for me I'm sure my cycle will return sooner rather than later....so not looking forward to that!