10 Month Update

Stats: Weight is probably 18-19lbs by now. He wears 12 month clothing right now and size 4 shoe.

Nicknames: Crazy wild child • Mr. Flirt • Daddy's twin • Mr. Grump

Likes: Climbing on everything even if he doesn't know how to get down, head budding, playing with his ball pit, still cruising along things, clapping but with one hand fist closed, he raises his hands to the sky and I tell him he's praising and thanking God. He loves to look outside the window and just talk away. He loves seeing/ hearing daddy, he wears the biggest smile when he sees him walk in from work. I think his love grew since he takes care of him all weekend while mommy works. Go Dad!

Dislikes: He isn't a fan when we try to encourage him to walk by himself. He gets so upset that he sits down and crawls away so fast from us and refuses to get up again. Ooops! Someone's scared. The word No is probably the worst thing he can hear and sheds a couple tears. When he's too hyper and doesn't want to nap even though we can see it in his eyes he's about to collapse.

Special Skills: He has many facial expression to let us know he isn't feeling something. Whether it's food or an activity. He rather eat with his hands than being fed with a spoon, this can change day to day basis sometimes he's ok with us feeding him other days he won't eat unless he's putting it in his mouth himself. He always manages to get people to give him attention, it can be known people or randoms at the store. He loves it when it's women too. (Mommy is in for a big one).

Sleeping: I won't sleep til he's probably a teenager or never! It's ok though...waking up watching him go back to sleep once he sees me in his room is the most heart warming thing ever, more so when he sleeps like his father. Crazy resemblance.

A part of me is excited to see him finally walking but another scares the heck out of me. He's my crazy wild child that I can't turn around for two seconds with out him spotting out something new to get to. I literally have to barricade him in the family room with all his toys so I can get house work done with no interruptions. He of course spots me from afar and screams at me for locking him in. Bahaha! I'm thankful for open space concept!!

Mommy hood is everything I imagined plus more. It's definitely something no one can prepare u for. You figure it out and u do what's best for u and ur child.
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  1. He is just the cutest!! It's crazy, Bowen does the same thing when my hubby comes in, he lights up!

  2. What a cutie!! Millie had that same shirt; I miss it!!!

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