Bump Update

How far along? Currently 21.2 weeks, above picture is only showing 17, 19, & 20 weeks

How big is the peanut? Baby was 9 oz at our 18 week ultrasound. He is measuring 5 days ahead.

Total weight gain/loss? 16 lbs. so far. Definitely allowing myself to eat what I want when I want since I lost a lot of weight while breastfeeding. By this I mean I lost all my fat from everywhere! This scares me that my body will have a hard time producing milk this time around, so letting the pounds stack on.
Maternity clothes? Yes! This belly is growing a lot faster than last time. Like yikes do you see how much I’ve grown in a matter of 3 weeks.

Sleep? It’s a hit or miss but mostly on my part. I work an early shift which means I should be getting to bed earlier than I am BUT I just can’t.
Best moment this week? Feeling my baby boy constantly now. Also, how can I forget about my first born…he is learning everyday it seems and he sure knows how to entertain me. We can play the simplest games and he gets a kick out of just finding me by listening to my voice or me trying to run away from him. Seeing him laugh and smile is the best thing ever.

Symptoms? Heartburn, pelvic pain, Braxton hicks, acne, and sometimes exhaustion.

Food cravings? Pastries! If I see it I want it. Donuts. Muffins. Cookies. MMM specially if they’re chocolate.

Food aversions? I try to stay away from spicy foods only because my heartburn can get really bad. I wouldn’t say I can’t stand them I just ask myself if they are worth it.

Gender? Im sure you’ve notice I’ve been writing HE, we are having another BOY! Momma so did not expect it but love that we pretty much have everything and will just have to rebuy items I threw away or gave a way.

Labor signs? Besides Braxton Hicks I would say no. They did get concerning about 2 weeks ago so I went in to get checked out. Possible dehydration on my part or just doing too much.

Belly button in or out? In- did not stick out with my son so we will see this time around.

What I miss? Nothing really. Maybe sitting on the floor comfortably to play with my son lol I know it’s only going to get worst so I hope he is ok with me sitting nearby.

What I'm looking forward to? Seeing my Baby Boy on our next ultrasound. I am amazed that he is growing quicker to Jesus. Wonder how much he will weigh at birth.

Milestones? We have surpassed the halfway point which I am happy about and wonder at the same time how time is flying by so quickly. This little man has been moving like a champ since 18 weeks and Daddy has been able to feel him since then. We were both pretty surprised and quickly agreed he is extremely active compared to how Jesus was in the womb.

Comparing both pregnancies I have to say this one symptom wise has been tougher. With Jesus I bled during the first trimester but never experienced any real pregnancy symptoms besides acne. So it was quite surprising to have quite a few with this little man. Nausea: Yup it was lingering around up until 18 weeks when it finally subsided. I would get the occasional nausea depending on what I ate and how my stomach took it or should I say little man took it. Exhaustion: OMG! I could not stay awake no matter how many hours I slept. Sleeping at work was a must which led to telling my manager very early on that I was expecting. I slowly got some energy back once I hit the 2nd trimester but not 100%. I was thankful that my husband would let me sleep when he was home and that our sleep schedule was working perfectly since he took 2 naps during the day and once he was down for the night he wouldn’t be up until 7 am. Heartburn: I did experience this with my previous pregnancy during the 3rd trimester but not severely like this one. Doesn’t matter what I eat it rears its ugly face. Coconut water usually helps alleviate it for a bit. ACNE: this one was also present with my previous one but now it’s much worst. Safe to say I am never going to be one of those pregnant women with beautiful complexions or glow as they call it. Appetite: Previous pregnancy I was ravenous, this one I had to force myself to eat because I felt full all the time. It has gotten better thankfully.
With a combination of all those symptoms I didn’t start taking bump pictures until 18 weeks. I know shocking but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I did take occasional ones here and there to send it to the hubs but it was usually in the restroom of my work. At the moment I am trying to prepare my son for the arrival of his baby brother. I constantly tell him there’s a baby in my tummy or ask him where the baby is at. I think he is getting the concept of it but probably just thinks momma is getting rounder bahaha! Also in preparation we are getting him use to interacting more with daddy since he will spend a lot more time with him once this baby is here. It’s working because he didn’t want mommy last night before bed, he wanted Daddy to put him down. Daddy also bathed and dressed him for bed. The only time J gets to spend some time with him is during the weekend since he gets home from work super late. Usually once he is down for his bedtime. He does get him up in the morning during the week and takes him to my mom’s before work. Hope this balance allows him to be more receptive to our new addition to the family.
We decided not to create another nursery since the boys will probably share a room for now until Jesus is older. The baby will be staying in our room like Jesus did up until 6-8 months. For now our spare room will remain a guest bedroom until we find the need to separate them. Besides the unnecessary stress in the beginning of the pregnancy and having to change OBs I think this pregnancy is going good. Sorry for the long post just wanted to give an update since it’s been a while.
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  1. Look at you! You look amazing! I totally get feeling like you need to go to bed earlier but can't. I'm a total night owl which doesn't bode well with the baby's wakeups.

  2. Looking amazing!! I've heard that the second pregnancy bump appears much quicker than the first!! Most people probably wish it was the opposite!! Excited for you friend!!

  3. It's great to hear an update!! You look precious and congrats on another sweet baby boy!

  4. You look so great! I'm so excited for you all!!