Sipping on some purple stuff

Today marks the last day of letrozole. I must point out that the side effects are minimal to none. LOVE! Minor headaches that lasted about an hour or less. Nothing I cannot bare. Emotion wise, I am all over the place. Some days i can be in a state of tranquility then in a blink of an eye my emotions seem like a jagged edge. You know those lines that have their high and low points? The ones that look like they are clueless as to what direction they should take off in. Yup. That will be me at this point in time.

One thing I can be 100% sure of is how content I am that I got my iMac back. Long story internet = no need for computer. WALA! Internet. Me to my cousin, "So...funny thing. I just got internet...I am going to need my precious well missed compu back into my life." The experience is priceless when you are stuck looking at that petite screen on your phone for almost 3 years. Yes, I said years. Apparently, we weren't in a cool enough area to have internet until now. With these new changes J impulsively felt he needed to go off and buy a desk plus take over our spare room. In my world spare room equals future nursery. A part of me felt like this was it...this is a sign that I am holding on to an unrealistic dream. J's perspective we have an additional room that can easily be converted into a nursery when the time comes. Who cares that that room is currently used as a guest room with a queen size bed. Overreacting much? Bleh! I have to admit there was a great outcome out of this major change. Besides computer love. jk! J finally has a private place to draw his heart away. I sure have missed his artistic side.

Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

The perfect word of what I am searching for this cycle. Things haven't been picture perfect in our TTC world. Maybe they never will but I want to continue to have hope that everything happens for a reason.

AND if I do embark in thee IVF world I will embrace it. Learn from it and appreciate it if it means I get to hold my baby in my arms.

Until then I will patiently wait for Thursday to see if my fabulous bod decided to do something different/ splendid. For now I will continue to sip on my blueberry/spinach smoothie.

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  1. So glad that you didn't have any side effects/syptoms from the meds! xo

  2. Wishing you so much good luck this cycle. I'm so glad you haven't had many side effects. I don't think I had many with letrozole either. Will be thinking of you this week!! xo

  3. I am so jealous you have internet! :) I too live in the land where it is non-existent and have spend the last four years trying to do everything on my phone. At least I can get it at work, so while the little one naps I am able to go nuts lol. Unfortunately with summer here, all three kids are home and my internet time is few and far between, but it's so nice when I get it.

    Glad you are doing well, I hope everything works out in your favor this cycle!

  4. Yay for getting internet!! Enjoy your mac and I'm hoping and praying for great news on Thursday!! So glad that the side effects have been minimal.