Hump Day

I don't know where my mind was off to today. Like come on who forgets about their beta appointment? Well apparently this lil lady did. I knew it was today, at least I tell myself that, I just completely forgot what time. Around 7:30 am I decided to give them a ring to ask if and when I had to come in for my BW.

Nurse: "Oh let's see we have you down @ 7am." 
Me: "(laughing) Oooh wow! I am sooo sorry I completely forgot." 
Nurse: "oh no worries. Just BW come in when you have a chance." 

Just BW?? Really?! I mean I know she meant no harm in saying it in that form of way but still! It's like saying its not important come tomorrow if you like. Which of course I was their in 10 mins. This weird feeling ran through me. Could have been my conscience knowing that, like every other cycle, it did not work. Or is it because I finally accepted the fact that IVF will bring us our little miracle. I believe so it will work. J hides his emotions when it comes to this roller coaster. He can't help it...I know he's scared about the outcome, me, and finances. Sure we have insurance who has been wonderful to us this far BUT IVF is a whole new step. I read through everything I could in regards to our coverage. I was left in a UGH! Mental state. Ok, so I know you cover infertility that's not my concern. What is my coverage?? Gave them a ringer and this is what they had to say. 

Fertility Coverage
20k lifetime (this worries me)
Medication covered as long as in net work BUT its part of the 20k max. 

Now they don't cover 100%. We are responsible for of course our deductible. Then after that they cover 80 or 90% so were responsible for the rest. 

20k doesn't seem like a lot, which I agree, but keep in mind everything is in network. So even though the clinic might have their own pricing the insurance does not go off of it. Typically they pay 50% -70% less than what they're asking for. All depending on how they're getting billed. I do recall speaking with one of the nurses regarding my coverage and she assured me that even if I went through IVF I would have plenty left. I am taking your word for it woman!! 

Given that my vacay is coming soon I will have to discuss with Dr. Brown on the protocol of my cycle. Thinking of asking her to keep me on BCP until I come back from my get away. Waiting on AF so I can set up my consult with Dr B to get this show on the road. 

Well some good news did come my way today. I interviewed for a new position about a week ago and just got the word today that I got it. Again my vacay messes with training so they don't know when my official start date will be. I already express my concerns on being able to take the time off to get my medical things done and they will be able to work with me. Yay! 

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!

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  1. Some coverage is better than none and you are so right about how insurance companies never pay full price. If doctors are willing to accept less from insurance companies then why don't they just charge less and demand all from insurance. Or charge more for insurance & less for out of pocket. Insurance companies have too much capital anyway.

    So, maybe I read wrong or missed something but did you get the beta results and are the definitely negative? :(

  2. Congrats on your new job. I agree...some coverage is better than none. :)