Sexy Friday

Words cannot express on how I feel today. It's effin Friday!! Who doesn't look forward to this day? If you don't what planet do you live on? 

It's strange how nothing truly matters on a Friday. M-Th I can get easily annoyed. You will not catch me in a bad mood on this divine day, especially if its payday!! Sincerely, I thought I would be sad today given that I sold my FiRST EVER CAR yesterday. (Paid out of my own expense.) I'm actually pretty thrilled that we sold it this fast. Now I don't have to feel as stress about mula for our make a baby procedure. 

It would be a lie to say that I wont miss it sometimes but the outcome overcomes those feelings. I think I will take out J to a nice dinner this weekend. Yes, I will invite the Hubs or heck I will even buy him a drink to say thank you for getting it done in a timely fashion. I was so fearful that we wouldn't have the money before we started IVF that I was taking on unneeded stress. Now all I have to do is enjoy my weekend. Happy Friday everyone!!! 

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  1. Happy Friday! :)

    I was worried about you for a sec! I went to your old site and it said it had been removed. Glad you're here though and we can all continue to cheer you on :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I second Sara. Was so worried that I couldn't find your blog. Glad you're still here! Prayers for you!

  3. Phew.... You're still here! I thought I lost you for a second! Haha. Fridays are THE BEST! This summer Thursday is my Friday so for a few more weeks Thursdays rock too!!

  4. Ha, ha. This is a funny post. Wish it was Friday now.