Holiday Miracles

It's official I'm not a great blogger. I disappear here and there because I feel like I have nothing to say. In reality it comes down to my laziness. Sigh! I promise to try harder. 

Despite the struggle of dealing with infertility this holiday season has proven that there is such a thing as "Holiday Miracles". My mother got her prayer answer this holiday season. We tell her this is her holiday miracle. She prayed for her son to be released from house arrest before the holidays. Unfortunately my younger brother lost his teenage years because of drugs and got himself in trouble. After many years he was released on house arrest for a year. I'm happy to say he got his shit together and proofed me wrong. Since I'm the only girl I tend to over critique my brothers' behaviors. I don't know why I've always been that way. Maybe it's the love I have for them? I'm truly happy that he will be spending the holiday with us, unlike thanksgiving. 

Another miracle...which is my fav!! We've lived in Texas for 3 years now and J's family hasn't graced us with their presence as of yet. Besides his younger brother and his cousin. Every year when we make the trip to California to visit they talk about wanting to come. One day! Well I was tired of hearing excuses. J has been extremely home sick an missing his family. So the wonderful wife that I am...I thought long and hard about this...the thought came to me sporadically. I invited my mother in law to come stay with us for Christmas. It took some convincing because she didn't want us spending the money. I used the guilt trip "Your son misses you and it would be the best gift ever from me to him if you came".  She budged and agreed. Mission accomplished! I wanted to surprise J but figured I wa better off telling him. His reaction was priceless. I gave him the flight confirmation when he came home. He starred at it. Confused. Then with excitement aske if we were going to California. I frowned. Told him to look closer. His jaw dropped and I saw this fear in his face. 

"My mom is coming?" - J

"Yes(big smile)!" - Me

"Omg! What did you tell her to convince her. You must of lied to her. Did you tell her I was being mean or acting up? Tell me!" - J

(Laughing) "Geez I thought you would be more excited. She agreed to come spend Christmas with us because you're her son and she loves/misses you." - Me

After his paranoia he became excited. We even agreed on flying his younger brother out as well. Little family reunion. J was bad growing up so his mom always got on him. He even jokes around saying he feels bad for me if we have a boy that takes after him. (Eep!)

J and I have been discussing wether to transfer two or one this time around. Dr. K recommended one again but said he will not go against my wishes. My clinic does not strive for twin/multiples pregnancies. If they can accomplish a singleton pregnancy that is their preference. This decision has been irking me. I relayed all the risks to J about transferring two and we toggled the idea of one for awhile. Ultimately our hearts said go with two because obviously one didn't cut it last time. I was a bit scared to tell Dr K that we will be going against his recommendations. So what do I do?? I reache out to my nurse. Like always she came to my rescue. She spoke to the embryologist and said they agree with me on transferring two! She went ahead on writing two on my chart for this coming FET. Did I mention she is the best!!?? She checks on me every once in awhile just to make sure I am doing ok emotionally. 

It's been very difficult keeping this from my mother. She's my greatest advocate but I just couldn't put her through the emotional roller coaster again. Or us, dealing with the constant questioning from family. She knows I am doing acupuncture but that's about it. 

Acupuncture has been great. I enjoy it. It helped with the horrible headaches I was getting from Lupron. Since we don't know what time my FET will be they scheduled me for my pre session the day before in the evening in case it's before the time they get in. Although he assured me that if I really wanted to have it that day he will have someone come in that same morning. Love their flexibility! 

Counting down the days until my FET. There's been a lot of wonderful BFP announcements. So ladies send those good vibes my way. 
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  1. It's wonderful that you have such great nurses to work with! That truly makes the experience bearable!

  2. You are daughter-in-law of the year! Glad you convinced the MIL to come so you can stay put, and I'm sure she'll be happy to stay in your home finally. Excited for you to transfer two. Some say it doesn't increase success much, but in my mind I think it would have to up your chances. My RE said it increased success around 10%, but hey it's 10%!

  3. Sounds like a lovely holiday!! I'm excited for your FET to get started and I think I agree, transferring two can only help increase those odds!!

  4. Yay! It sounds like things are going great! I hope you have a wonderful holiday; your FET is right around the corner!

  5. So good to hear from you! If the embryologist agrees on transferring 2, then that's what is really important. Good luck, I will be cheering you on!

    So many holiday miracles for your family! Que dios les bendiga :)

  6. You are so sweet to arrange for your MIL to visit for the holidays.

    I hope your FET goes well. Glad I found your blog. We're a ways off from affording IVF, but I love following others going through the journey. I think transferring two is a great idea.

  7. what an amazing gift to your husband. sooo sweet of you!

    i agree with transferring 2... our clinic actually transfers 2 most times as standard practice. if you have them to transfer, then go for it!

    praying your FET goes well!