The light of hope

To be optimistic or not? Coming from a Hispanic background we have a lot of "believes". My family just came back from Mexico and to my surprise I was bombarded with the question, "Are you pregnant?" I was stunned by their precision of being so sure or at least a bit hopeful that I was. Long story aunt, cousin, and my Mother all had dreams on the same night that they were holding a baby. Both my mom and aunt saw a baby boy but my cousin said she saw a baby girl. My mother confessed that it wasn't the first time that she dreamed about this little boy. She said it made her think of when she kept dreaming of this little girl she never had seen in her life...yet she seemed familiar. She had a couple dreams until they went off to visit my brother in California. My sister in law was pregnant and miraculous she did have a baby girl that looks exactly like my brother. With this in mind I started to feel very optimistic and VERY hopeful. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up just yet BUT since I did manage to schedule an RE appointment I feel more relaxed. Especially since my appt will be around the time I ovulate or already ovulated. Either or I just want a diagnosis to get the problem fixed. As for now, I will continue taking my herbs: Vitex & Maca Root & some royal jelly.
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