Bye bye baby be gone

I feel like my heart has been taken out and left there right in front of me, just for so I can see that it will be forever damaged. Here I am thinking I shouldn't blog to get myself back together before I write things I myself wouldn't want to look back and read. But who was I fooling!!! I have bottled up so much inside that the last thing that was thrown my way bursted out of me so drastically. I HATE MY DH'S JOB! I DESPISE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS BOSSES!! How could they do this to us, I feel like they are purposely trying to set off a ticking bomb in our relationship. It's probably wrong of me to lash out and blame them for this, but seeing my biggest dream vanish into thin air is the bit I can do. Long story short: My DH had refused a promotion about 4 or 5 months ago because they were so reluctant on moving him to a night shift schedule. Hence, we would never get to see eachother. He explained to them that we were trying to have a family and the schedule was just not going to work at this point of time. It was so hard for him to be honest about why he couldn't take the position. And blam just like that! They gave the position to someone else not willing to work with him on the schedule. And guess what??? That person they promoted got to stay in the morning shift. Now they trained him for another position and told him that they needed him to go to a 2nd shift schedule. We were thinking ok fine the latest he'll be home is after 9. One week, not even, 3 days before he gets his schedule changed, they happen to mention to him he will be working the 3rd shift. >o< Our RE appt is next week. At this point I don't know what to make of this. Besides asking myself, "What's the point NOW?" I will never see him again maybe an hour IF I'm lucky. I work an early shift and have to be at work by 5:15 am. I'm better off canceling the appt next week instead of setting myself up for depression.
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