I think its really neat that the fertility clinic I go to has there own site I can pull up my own lab results whenever I want. I realize they update it pretty quickly because I curiously logged in there after the nurse had called and gave me the results for my prog test and hcg, also DH's SA, I was thrilled to see that I was able to see what she just relayed over to me. So since yesterday I've been logging on to see if tht other lab results came in yet. Waaala! They magically appeared today 2hrs before I had to leave work and wondered why a nurse hadn't called and explained to me the results. As impatient as I am being now that I want to know more I googled every little thing to see if it was normal. From what I could pull up everything look good and I casually told myself if it was bad they would have called me by now.

Exactly two hours after I had gotten home the lovely nurse calls me and says,"Hi Sweetie! Just wanted to let you know all your results came back wonderful." I was so ready to do my happy dance when she says," Oh wait, there is one thing. We tested you for the rubella virus and you are not immune to it. We do have to give you the vaccine. Just come in when you get your period, we will test you for pregnancy just to be cautious and give you the vaccine. And you absolutely cannot get pregnant within the 28 days after the vaccine. We will put you on birth control for 28 days then we can begin treatment." WHAT!!? Birth control was all that was going through my head but I couldn't say it I just said "ok" like a speechless child being told I had to do something I didn't want to do. Is birth control necessary I mean I haven't gotten pregnant for 5 years!!! Even that I can take precautions just to be safe that I don't accidentally get pregnant when I'm not suppose to. Lol! Ok that just sounds ridiculous I will stop.

I don't know why it bothers me so much that this happened if I wasn't going to be able to go in for treatment until after my internship had ended in November. But the agony of knowing I will be taking BC bothers me. Either I have to suck it up or ask if I can avoid BC and use protection instead.
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  1. That is SO awesome your RE has an online portal like that! And wow, I never knew that about the measles, mumps, rubella shot! My OB gave me one and also some Clomid at the same friggin time. WTH? Glad I didn't get pregnant that month after all I guess. Geesh!

    1. Hey Emily! Me neither, i had to do research on it and I did find that it isnt safe because you pass it on to the baby and it can lead to miscarriage or still born birth. Yikes! My OB wasnt helpful at all and I told that to my RE so he made sure he answered everything other doctors refused to get into the subject.