Yesterday was an intense day for me. I didnt even want to work out after I woke up from my nap. The first thing i saw when i woke was my DH's message saying he was working a 3rd shift starting next week. Since the agitation didn't go away I decided to read to distract myself. When DH got home all I can do is hug him and fight the tears from coming. He wasnt pleased with the news and said all he can do is work that schedule for awhile and start looking elsewhere. Although that seems an eternity to me I would have to wait and see what happens. We agreed that we wouldnt cancel the RE appointment we have next week. He will have the mornings to go with me if we need to go back periodically. I am allowing myself to feel some kind of hope back into our TTC journey. Dh and I started doing the Insanity work out. I figured if I wasn't getting pregnant might as well take a chance on something I can control. Let me tell you how out of shape I am that after 4 days we gave it a rest since the weekend came around. I knew I shouldnt of stopped because I would never go back to it. Ugh! but seeing that scale flash back at me, letting me know I had gained 5 pounds instead of losing them, I became devastated. So I started back up again hoping that maybe losing some weight would help with my irregular cycles. I am not overweight for my height but toning up my body a bit wouldnt hurt either. Can't wait for RE appointment to find out what is going on!! Wont be writing till then too.
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  1. I hope your RE apt. goes well. Knowledge is power, and you will feel so much better knowing more about what's going on. So glad your DH can go as well! Hang in there!