Ovulation Day has Arrived

Yesterday I got a positive OPK and it seems to be a trend now. Last three months I have been ovulating around CD22 & 23. I am happy that my cycles have been within 36-38 days now...but ovulating that late lessen my chances of conceiving. At least that's what my doctor is stating. He believes that me having polycystic ovaries is the reason I am ovulating late which the egg can't implant because my lining is old.

Since I got my positive OPK I decided to do castor oil, since i had just received it, before I actually ovulated. Now I feel bloated and I can feel my ovaries and uterus tingle and crampy. I hope I didnt mess anything up! I have never felt this way when I have ovulated. Only tomorrow will tell if my temp shoots up (praying that it does). Dh & I are still trying to find a way to BD during the week since our schedule dont really mesh great together. Another thing to stress about.
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  1. Yay for the +OPK. I hear you on the stress of BDing during the week- so hard to coordinate sometimes! I hope that you're able to work something out and that you get a nice temp spike tomorrow!

  2. You didn't mess anything up with the castor oil. I use them frequently, and I've used them the day of a +OPK before as well. Just don't use them after ovulation. Glad you got your +. Hope the BD'ing works out for you two!!