What am I thankful for?

Well I got to admit that my days have been going so slow lately. I begin to wonder if I am just impatient now a days. Could that be or am I just impatiently waiting on our IF treatment? Whatever it is...it's all I seem to think about.

With the holidays approaching I want to surround myself with beautiful decorations. Unfortunately, this year its going to be impossible. I will have to compromise with the decorations I currently have. DH's job is cutting back his hours and it scares me that we wont be able to make it. He doesn't seem to worry but then again he doesn't see what I see in our list of bills. I feel horrible that I am so BITCHY lately. One worry leads to another and it gets me so worked up that stress builds up inside of me. Just the thought of my body being so stressed out during treatment makes me want to cry. (Silently thinking).

Yesterday...I was driving home and traffic is always a pain @ 5 o'clock. We come to a complete stop and BOOM someone slams into the back of the truck. I thought slow-mo only happened in movies bc they want you to see the impact. That's not the case, I felt my body and everything inside the truck just slowly move forward and then hit and make a horrible sound. I immediately begin to sob like a child. I froze and didn't know how to react...my body was shaking and tears started flowing down my cheeks. It was like my body was reacting before my brain could. It took me a while to get off the vehicle. I immediately called DH asking him what I should do. While I was sobbing uncontrollably a light bulb turned on and I hung up and called my insurance. (Keep in mind I was still crying) J picked up right away and I couldn't even speak in a comprehendingly way. She was so sweet did not inturrupt me at all and told me what to do. This part got me laughing afterwards...before she hung up she says, "I'm sorry sweetie, you were crying and I couldn't even ask what your last name was so I can pull up your vehicle info." It gave me a good chuckle and brought me back to reality so I became aware of my surroundings. She is right to say I have something to be very thankful for this thankgiving. I am ALIVE and it wasn't as bad as it felt.

As much as I complain for driving DH's truck to work, I am thankful that I wasn't in my compact car. I think it would have been so much worst. Four day weekend I am ready for you to come sweep me off my delicate feet!!

On a positive note...it seems like most of my cyber buddies are getting their BFP. Wish you all the best and a healthy 9 months. Don't let worry take over your happiness, remember think happy thoughts so you can send good vibes to you and the baby.
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  1. Glad you are ok!! That would have been scary! Especially with all of the added stress! Here is hoping that the rest of your holiday is awesome!!!

  2. Thank God you are okay!!! I was in a wreck last week so I totally get the fear!

    Wishing you a great Thanksgiving and a BFP before the end of the year.

  3. It could have been much worse indeed, and I am thankful you are ok! I hope this weekend does sweep you off your feet. Please do something nice for yourself, even if it's something for free like playing some soft music, lighting some candles, taking a bubble bath and doing your nails. Just take care of YOU! Those little things help take the edge off so much!