Sorry for being MIA but there's really nothing to update on. Last week on Thursday I went into my RE's office to get the Rubella vaccine. It was a long day...I had to go in and do a HCG test to confirm I wasnt pregnant, run to a hospitals pharmacy down the street and pick up the vaccine, wait for the nurse's call to let me know I can go in and get the vaccine. I patiently sat there reading a book on my Kindle Fire and about an hour later she calls. (An hour in total while I was running the errands so it felt like less). I got the vaccine and ran to CVS to drop off my prescription for BC.

They were extremely busy and I didnt want to wait 2 hours, so I left and the following day I picked it up. Now I remember why I only took BC for a month when I was a teenager. My body does not mesh well with BC hormones...the only reason I agreed to take it is because it will make my cycle exactly 28 days and we can start our first IUI sooner! We wont have to worry about going in during the holidays so it fits perfectly. Counting the days till my next cycle!! Everything seems to be falling into place. My internship will end 3 days before my new cycle and I will get out earlier. I asked for some days off and they got approved but I dont know if those days are the ones I need, I just took a guess. Crossing my fingers that they are. My manager processed the paperwork for me to get approval to miss work for my treatment whenever I needed to...so I am just waiting on the paperwork.

Although I am excited I am also a bit worried. Who wants to have a failed IUI during the holidays? Knowning that our first IUI has a 50/50 chance of not being succesful scares me. I dont want to be depress during the holidays. DH and I already discussed holding off on telling anyone if it happens because I dont want to go through the turnmoil of telling everyone if it wasnt a sticky bean. I am even considering not to tell my MOTHER! She has been a great support during this journey. She is the only one in my family that knows I went to an RE and the results. Dh's family has no idea what is going on. I feel like since he has mostly sisters and they all have kids they wouldnt understand. My MIL and I have only touched the subject on us TTC and she didnt seem supportive. Once I opened up to everyone in his family about our struggles on TTC she seemed a bit more into the idea. But I cant say 100% cause I havent touched the subject with her again. Maybe after having so many grandson and granddaughters you lose interest in it? Is that possible? IDK if I have mentioned it before but DH has a total of 16 nieces/nephews. The youngest one was just born, in October 13th, I believe. Beautiful baby girl! I am truly happy for his sister, BUT, there's always a BUT...I wish that was me!!
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  1. I am so excited for you and that's awesome that everything is falling into place. I totally understand the worry of "what if not", but please try to remember that there's just as much chance it WILL work than it might not work. You could be a future mom this holiday with a wonderful sticky bean growing and I really, really hope so! I do think you should tell your mom, but hold off on your in-laws. I think people who don't struggle just don't "get it". It's not that they don't care. *hugs* Good luck!!! Rooting for this one!

  2. I hope your days off work out perfectly with everything!

    As for your MIL, she probably just doesn't quite understand, especially if she has so many other grandkids. It's not the she doesn't care I'm sure, but just that all of the TTC stuff nowadays is kind of like a foreign subject to many others who grew up in a different era. I'm sure she'll warm up the more she sees how much you both want this and how responsibly you are approaching everything. And when that baby comes, it will be a blessing to everyone!