Bad News?

Yet again I deal with this confusing feeling. Should I feel content that one thing was ruled out? Or should I brace myself to get that call back to confirm what the nurse had brought up during my appointment? Yesterday was a depressing day for me. All I wanted to do is sleep so the numbness could go away. My mind was just oblivoius to its surroundings. I didnt know if I should cry or just sit there pretending that I didnt have what they thought I had.

I have to say I felt nothing during the saline test besides some minor cramping. Looking at the screen of the 3D screenshots was incredible. Sure I had no idea what everything was unless she pointed it out but just seeing my uterus/ovaries in 3D was kinda neat. At the end of the test she said everything looked good and normal. She did not elaborate if my tube was indeed blocked or not and frankly I forgot to ask. Once I was done getting dressed I opened the door to talk to the nurse. She told me my blood results were in. She hesitated a bit possibly thinking of a way to tell me my results. Of course she started off with good news pointing out that all but one came back normal. Apparently my prolactin is quite elevated. She asked if I had anything to eat/drink that morning. Since my answer was no they went ahead and took out more blood from my poor little arm that was bruised already. She then stated she will call me with the results, if in fact my levels are still elevated they would have to do further testing on me. After I left the office I consulted Dr. Google...I didn't like the results. Dr. Google says I might have a small tumor near my pituitary gland causing the prolactin hormone to "blossom".

I just cant wrap my mind around it. How come my previous RE didn't mention something like this? Did he even check me for prolactin? Why am I ovulating if this hormone is suppose to stop ovulation? Could this be the reason why I am ovulating late? Is this causing an implantation issue? So many questions are running through my head and I don't have my follow up with Dr. B until June. WTF! Sure by the time I have it I will be on the brink of starting a new cycle, hopefully, so it will be perfect. In the meantime I am going mad not knowing what is going on. Is this a minor or major issue?

J doesnt seem to concern with all this. He of course consulted Dr. Google as well and told me I will be fine. If I indeed have elevated levels then they will put me on medication to control them. If in fact a tumor is present then those pills should shrink it. He then proceeded to point out that its not cancerous so I can stop stressing about it. I can't/won't relax until Dr. B clarifies what the hell is going on. Am I overreacting? Probably.

I wish this journey was over...I am over hearing bad news after bad news. Give me a break!!
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  1. You're not overreacting!! I would feel the same as you- I think it's normal to get worried about results and want to meet with your doctor to get answers. I know it's easier said than done, but try to relax a little... June isn't too far away... Hang in there :)

  2. Dr. Google can be our biggest enemy sometimes! That said, I would be the same way. If you need more answers make a phone call to your doctor to chat prior to your appointment by letting them know that you're concerned and don't want to wait until June.

    Hang in there, I'm going to agree with hubby and say that hopefully, this is all very minor and fixable. I'm sure if it were more your doctor would be more concerned!

  3. I am really sorry about the prolactin levels. So glad you are with a new RE who is checking everything. While bad news sucks, if there's a way to fix then there's a way to your BFP soon. *hugs* Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. You totally deserve a break right about now. I now it's probably not much help, but even though you've been getting "bad news" lately, it's actually good your new RE is discovering things to go ahead and take care of now ya know? I know it doesn't make it better much, but honestly I bet you are just so happy you left your old doctor and are in much better more experienced hands now. Maybe you can find peace a teensy tiny bit in that? ((HUGS)) June will be here before you know it! Hang tight and stop googling! ;)