Lets see...I went in on Monday and today is Friday.


Still no call about my blood work.

Called in on Tuesday, only for nurse to tell me that Dr. B put in my chart that she will be giving me a call on Thursday so she can go over the results. Ofcourse she would be happy to provide those to me but they hadnt gotten them back yet. UGH! No call whatsoever. Oh no wait!!! I did get a call from them yesterday but it wasnt about my results it was about my insurance for the 5th million time!!

I love this clinic but their billing coordinators are ridiculous. How many times do I have to tell them how my insurance works?? Seriously? I tell you one thing and then you call me back stating something totally different. Of course my insurance is going to give you the incorrect information if your asking about something COMPLETELY different than what I had said. Funny thing about all this is that they already billed my insurance. They paid. I paid. So why are u still calling me about me being responsible for xxx amount. I dont understand what the issue is. My insurance card clearly states DO NOT COLLECT $ AT TIME OF SERVICE.

SMH.... I had to vent. A part of me believes that may have been the reason Dr. B didnt call but that sounds ridiculous for them to go to those extremes, RIGHT? All this is getting toooooo overwhelming. They're not the only ones I have been going back and forth with in regards to payment. Remember when I had to go about 3 times to get my HSG done? Well they thought it would be cool to bill my insurance twice causing me to over pay as well. I was surprise my insurance paid them twice but not as surprise to see that now they are billing me directly for my portion of the cost. When I called them up to see what was their problem the lady was being very sneaky. She was trying to make me say that they never saw me so she can dispute the bill. I constantly repeated my story and she went back to "So you're saying they never saw you?" GRRR!!! Hung up and called my insurance to dispute it. Now on a three way call with the same lady. WOW! Her reaction was totally different than before. She wasnt helpful either way...she couldnt understand the fact that I had to go back 3 times and the 3rd time it was at a different location. The insurance rep even confirmed that they got billed twice and both times they paid. Sure you saw me three times but you didnt do anything the first two and basically told me "so sad to bad." To top it off the radiologist decided to put his "opinion" on my infertility issues.

Moving on.

Since I've been all gloomy lately, also sick (i.e. headache, dizzy, tired), I have been doing a lot of research on PCOS. I wanted to see if I can do anything to control it. Most of the info out there applies to women who are having difficulty with their weight. Not the case here. As I was researching it I stumbled upon this site. The only reason I happen to stumble upon it was because I googled prolactin levels + PCOS. This is what I found:

"We know that PCOS has some genetic basis, but it's unlikely that all women with one or more of these genes will develop the condition. It's more likely to develop, if there's a family history of diabetes (especially Type 2, the less severe type usually controlled by tablets) or if there's early baldness in the men in the family.

When the genetic tendency for PCOS is passed down through the man's side of the family, the men are not infertile – but they do have a tendency to become bald early in life, before the age of 30."

Bingo! Type 2 diabetes runs in my family as well as early baldness in the men of the family. Couldnt get better genes than that. My father suffers from both and most men on his side of the family also suffer from either diabetes or early baldness or simply both. I am the oldest daughter from all three sons my grandmother had. So I cant really say this in fact is an issue we will all suffer from or I just got lucky. When I told my mother she was heartbroken. "The things we pass on to our children unintentionally," was all my mother could say. She became more worried and wanted to know more. I told her I was fine so not to worry. For now I think I have my PCOS under control. As for the prolactin I can honestly say I probably do have my levels elevated because I have not been myself lately. The headaches are constantly there. The dizziness is getting to me. I constantly sleep during the day and have no problem sleeping at night. On that same site I found this:

"Raised prolactin levels can occur together with headaches and some disturbances of vision..."

All I can do is phone up the clinic today to demand some answers. Cause I am getting tired of these headaches.


Received a call back from the nurse in regards to my Prolactin level and she stated they came back normal. Now I have to wait til June 12th for a full follow up with Dr. B. If I end up ovulate early this cycle like my monitor is stating then I will have to push for an earlier appointment.

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  1. I hope you get some answers today, friend!!

  2. I HATE the wait for test results. Hoping you get your answers today so you can enjoy your weekend. Hugs. Good for you for looking into your family history and getting as much information as you can.

  3. Great news that your Prolactin came back normal. Hope the follow-up with Dr. B goes well!

  4. Normal Prolactin is always a good thing. It's so stressful being your own advocate!!

  5. PCOS sucks. Insurance problems suck. And headaches suck. Hope they get better for you sweetie.

  6. Sorry you're having so much trouble with your insurance. They really need to get their act together! It should not be that much trouble for the patient, this is what these people are trained to do!

    The hereditary thing is one of the main reasons I'm okay not having bio kids. My mother and aunt have PCOS, as do at least one and maybe both of my sisters. My paternal grandmother has type 2 diabetes and my dad is bald. My husband is also prematurely bald.

    I don't have a problem with normal headaches, but I do get migraines. I am also dizzy more than I'd like and sleep far longer than the normal person. My prolactin has always been fine so maybe it's just another PCOS thing? Either way I hope you can find a way to feel better soon.

  7. I hope your follow-up goes well on the 12th. I know that seems so far away right now, but I hope you'll feel more peace and ready to move forward. That's great on the prolactin.