It boggles my mind on how oblivious I was with my diagnosis.

Lets rewind a bit. J and I went in for our consultation with Dr. B at the new clinic. It's literately down the street from my job, love! It didnt take long for me to realize the enviornment was marvelous. The nurses were welcoming, the clinic felt like a soothing place, overall I give them an A+. So off we go following the nurse. She brought us to a hallway with a comfy couch and on the wall it had a huge chalkboard with the title "I want a baby because..."

Quite enterntaining I must say.

After my vitals were checked and they gave me a cup of water Dr. B called us in to her office. Again the atmosphere/ enviornment in her office was extremly welcoming. Was I there to see a therapist or a fertility specialist? She started by asking us question about ourselves. Trying to get to know us as a couple and individual. We then proceeded on talking about my medical records she had received. This is when I fought back the tears. NOT because I was sad but because I was shocked on what Dr. M had written. It fueled up anger that NONE of this was ever brought up to me!! Why did it take a new RE consult for me to learn the reality of my diagnosis? Ridiculous if you ask me.

Moving on...Dr. B elaborated on my HSG results. Based on the notes she received from the radiologist she stated my blockage was starting near the uterus. IHO- if any blockage presented in the tubes that is the blockage you want to have. She went on to explained that it was possible that my tube just spasm during the procedure appearing to be blocked. The notes also brought up something that left me quite speechless almost scared. My uterus seemed to be tilted to the right, per x-ray, OR my left side of the uterus can be non-existent. What does that mean? I have no effin clue besides that my uterus is not fully developed. Dr. B didnt seem to concern with this she says if that was the case Dr. M would have questioned it with all the u/s I've had. I expressed my concerns about a possible leakage coming from my blocked tube causing issues with implantation. Again she explained that IF I truly did have a blockage in my tube that the blockage I have is the one you prefer to have. Even if my ovary was leaking the toxin the blockage would not allow it to go through since no dye was able to leak through during the HSG. But she doesnt believe I have a leakage since its only caused by inflammation of the ovary which she does not see I have. We discussed the two IUI cycles we went through. She couldnt explain why my body got ready to ovulate with the last failed cycle when I had an immature follicle. I did let her know that this past cycle I got + OPKS but I did not ovulate until a week later, confirmed by BBT. She was happy to hear that I am ovulating on my own and I have been confirming it. Looking into my records she believes I have PCOS I was just never diagnosed with it. Dr. M did state I had polycystic ovaries during my first ultrasound. Apperantly you have to meet 2/3 symptoms to be fully diagnosed with PCOS. I meet those 2 out of 3! 1. Irregular cycles/ annovulatory cycles 2. Polyscystic ovaries. She ordered more bloodwork to confirm or rule out PCOS. Dr. M never cared to look into it and she said it could be because the info at times can be inconclusive. Meaning even if she were to confirm I have PCOS the info would be irrelevant to my protocal unless I have high testosterone, prolactin, etc.

She did a powerpoint presentation on infertility to explained what we should expect out of our treatment. Also, to show us what we should expect out of their staff. I was amazed! Dr. B is sweet, patient, and caring. I didnt feel rushed or that I left her office in more confusion. She gave us the option to move fwd with our treatment since I was on CD5 or let this cycle go by so we can get all the testing done so she can get a better perspective. A part of me wanted to jump right into treatment because I absolutely HATE waiting!! I looked at J to see what he thought but of course he said its up to me. So I looked at Dr. B basically pleading for her honest opinion. She repeated what J said that it was up to me. The testing she wanted to get done might not even change anything and she doesnt want to delay our treatment if that is the case. Well we opted out to do treatment this cycle. The major reason I decided to delay things is because she wants to do a 3D saline test to confirm that my tube is blocked and that the left side of my uterus does exist. She did do a regular u/s that day to check out my uterus. She believes going off of this u/s that my uterus is just tilted to the right making it difficult to detect the left tube on the HSG.

Compared to my last office the room was beautiful that I wouldnt mind waiting in it. When I laid down for my u/s on the ceiling there was a screen so i can take a look on what she was seeing. Awesome! At my last clinic I had to break my neck trying to look at what the nurse was doing and at times they didnt even let you look.

Just a bit of what the room looked like. J thought I was weird for taking picture of everything so I was trying to be secretive. Aren't those socks cute!!?? The twin picture on the wall warmed my heart so I had to take a pic of it. We left with a plan and I left with a peace of mind. Monday I go in for my 3D saline test. I also have a pap smear scheduled that same day with my OBGYN. Let the testing begin. NOT!
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  1. Wow. So much information which is good...more tests mean more answers which gets you closer to your goal! I hope the tests they run give them everything they need to make an effective plan for you. Sounds like you are in great hands!!!

  2. That's such a hard decision - to jump right in or to wait and have more tests. I agree with Suzanne, though... with waiting a month and doing these tests, you should have more answers which hopefully will help!!

  3. Wow! Your new clinic & doctor sound AMAZING!!! Glad you have a plan. I hate when doctors don't tell you everything. I need a doctor who will listen to me. If I don't get that I don't ever feel comfortable!

  4. I am so glad you have a fresh set of eyes to explain things better to you and look into things more. Drives me nuts when dr.'s don't thoroughly explain their findings, like you don't need to know that stuff? Oh well, you have someone better on the case now, and that's what matters most! So happy you have a great experience and are in better hands now!

  5. I'm so happy for you that you had such a great experience with your new Dr. I like to feel like I understand as much as possible about our diagnosis and treatment and it sounds like this Dr. is good at explaining things to you. I'm looking forward to reading how everything progresses. Fingers crossed for you!

  6. I'm glad that you are getting some answers and like your new doctor. Peace of mind is really all we can hope for on this journey. Good luck with your saline test