Infertility Research

First day off of birth control and I feel great. Friday is almost here and I am a bit wee anxious. So today I got a wonderful phone call from a nurse at my clinic. I was unable to answer so I heard her voicemail.

"...I just wanted to run a couple things by you. Something new we are doing at RMA and thought you would be a perfect candidate for it."

When I heard this my mind began to run a million thoughts at once. What could it be? Me a perfect candidate? For? Anyhoo, I finally gave the nurse a call back and this is the info she relayed over to me. Celmatix & RMA are working together to do further research on infertility. Why was I chosen out of many women? My diagnosis of PCOS. Celmatix is a biotechnology company developing non-invasive genetic diagnosis for female infertility. This is 100% voluntary meaning I do not get compensated in any form of way. This research will not necessarily help me specifically but it will possibly help future patients dealing with infertility and are undergoing IVF treatment. What Celmatix is trying to accomplish new techniques that improve implantation and/or pregnancy rates. This research also may result in development of valuable methods for predicting IVF outcomes.

I am participating in this research with great pleasure. Even though it may not help me personally but I love the opportunity to be able to possibly help others. Everything will be completely anonymous besides my age, ethnicity, diagnosis, disease history, medical treatments, and response to treatments. I will be getting updates on the research overall. On friday when I go in for my baseline ultrasound I will be providing a blood sample which will be shipped out to Celmatix's lab and discuss this opportunity with the nurse to discuss this in further detail/ answer any questions I might have.

All in all I am excited to learn more.
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  1. What a great opportunity! I hope it CAN benefit you in some way, though that is wonderful you are participating in a study to potentially help infertiles in the future.

  2. How wonderful and selfless of you to possibly help women in the future with a similar diagnosis. I commend you! Glad you are off the BCP's and feeling great too!

  3. Today's the day, right!?!?! Thinking of you and wishing you lots of luck!!