Dear OHSS, 

Please go away! I don't like you disturbing my already emotional roller coaster life. You are painful and make me extremely uncomfortable to even leave my home. I hate you!! Leave me alone!! I want to be able to breath normally again. I don't want to waddle when I walk when I am not pregnant. Do me a favor and disappear. 

So there you have it ladies (and Gents if your out there) I have OHSS after they tried to prevent it. My symptoms got worst after my transfer so my luck is to deal with it now since the transfer is done with. I couldn't eat absolutely anything yesterday. The boughts of nauseou were to much to bare. Then the worst happened this morning...I couldn't get out of bed without rolling out of it. I thought ok maybe I'm just extremely bloated. Hmmm... My jeans don't fit...ok I'll be ok fine something more lose fitting but appropriate for work. 

I get to work and as soon I got out of the car I was waddling. I took a couple steps then stopped because I couldn't catch my breath. Several ppl asked if I was feeling ok because I didn't look well. Around 12:50pm I decided to phone up my clinic...no answer. Lunch time? At around 1:45pm the embryologist called with an update on my frosties. Good news! We have 9 frosties. Bad news I was in the brink of crying. She transferred me to a nurse and she told me to come in ASAP. Luckily I work 15 minutes away from my clinic. 

One look at me and they said, "Oh sweetie, you don't look so good." Sigh. While I was waiting for the Dr to come in I started having a hot flash then I felt like I was gasping for air. I laid back and felt a cold sweat coming on. As soon as the Dr came in and I told her what happened she told me, "just by looking at ur stomach from a far, the way your breathing, and that symptom you definitely have OHSS. Let's take a look." Gasp! My abdominal area was full with fluid. The next 40 minutes of my life were horrendous. She had the suction out the fluid...how is it done? Same as retrieval but this time I'm awake. Unbelievable that I did not cry but I was about to pass out. She said my lips went extremely pale and could see I was "uncomfortable". It's not like she can stop the process so she told me to keep breathing. My eyes were closed the whole time. Finally the pressure stopped and my face got its color back. The procedure was still going but I think my body started coming around. Now that fluid has been drained out I feel a tad bit better. I say a tad bit because my ovaries are the size of an orange. 

Unfortunately, OHSS doesn't vanish unless you have a menstrual cycle or your at the end of your first trimester when your ovaries are finally shutting down. As weird as it sounds my Dr is hoping I accumulate more fluid because that would be a sign of pregnancy. She wants to see me again on Friday or even sooner if I get to this point again. She made it pretty clear I will be back for another drainage. Idk if I can do that procedure again. She reassured me it doesn't harm my chances of implantation and the procedure doesn't affect the baby if I do become pregnant. Bad part: I will have to do this procedure quite a few times. 

 And I was sent home with my pee cup:

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  1. Oh honey! I hope you are resting! So sorry you are feeling so horrible. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh man that does not sound fun. You are definitely going to have some stories to hang over this kid's head once they are older! I really hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. I am so sorry you got OHSS, I was always scared of getting it since like you I had lots of eggs retrieved! I hope it goes away soon... I wonder if there are any natural treatments you could try that would help?

  4. Oh my gosh, I hope things are a bit better ... for now! Drink lots of Gatorade; it should help a bit.

  5. Oh man! That's horrible! So sorry you are going thru this! Sounds so painful! :(
    Hope you start feeling better soon!

  6. Yikes! That sounds awful! I'm so sorry! Hoping that this is all worth it and they you get a positive pregnancy test very soon!