Oh boy. Where to start? It wasn't fun. Well it's not recovering. I don't recall feeling this way from my surgery. I can barely walk...I think I walk like an elderly person right now. Waking up this morning I felt so uncomfortable. I was bloated and felt a lot of pressure but I was able to walk right. I'm so glad I took two days off of work to recover. If I don't feel well by tomorrow I am considering calling in on Friday too. 

Ish was being such a sweetheart the whole time. I think he was as nervous as more like worried. Everyone at the clinic were exceptionally nice and excited for my retrieval. My nurse wasn't there with me during the time they were prepping me but another one that I have grown fond of was and she was also by my side when they were retrieving. Once I woke up my nurse was right there checking up on me all excited asking J & I if we knew how many they retrieved. 

So here it is. Dr. C was able to retrieve 24!! At this point I don't know how many are mature but we will get that info tomorrow. The embryologist will give me an update tomorrow, Saturday, and Monday which will be my transfer date. I will start taking antibiotics today and Methol. Tomorrow I will start the dreaded P shots. Yiiippppeee!! More shots. Now a pic of my arm trying to recover from the IV. 

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  1. Congrats on a successful retrieval! Isn't it such a weird feeling afterwards? It feels like you're the hunchback of Notre Dame walking around with a huge bag of marbles in your abdomen! Hope it goes away soon for you. Yay for everything going well! :)

  2. Congrats on 24 eggs!! That's fantastic!! Here's hoping for a great fertilization report as well. I hope you start feeling better soon. Your ovaries were put into overdrive with that many wonder it's taken a bit out of you!!

  3. HOLY 24!! That's amazing. Hoping for a high number mature and fertilized! rest. take care of yourself. Don't rush anywhere!

  4. Holy moly girl! That's a lot of eggs. I literally took a little break from blogging because work got busy and you already had your retrieval. What the heck. Feels like that was the shortest cycle ever (easy for me to say, right?!?). Good luck with your FET. Sending sticky thoughts!