Transfer Complete

Quick update while I'm on bed rest. Today was my transfer. Everything went well. So out of 15 that fertilized 5 made it to blast + the one that they transferred. They will keep an eye on the rest until tomorrow to see how many more they can freeze. Considering that they had some to freeze we only transferred one beautiful soon to be baby. So I am officially PUPO and excited/scared/nervous.

J is at work so I'm all by myself and to top it off he's feeling under the weather and we will not be sleeping in the same room tonight. (Tear) this isn't how I pictured spending the night after having our love child inserted inside of me. Oh well. 

BETA on November 8th and Wednesday to make sure my P levels are where they are suppose to be. Now I leave u with a picture of our future baby. 

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  1. I'm so excited for you! :) I'll be praying for great news on the 8th!

    I'm sorry that your hubby isn't feeling well! :(

    Why did they only transfer one? Is that what they recommended or is that what you guys wanted?

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL baby! ;) fingers crossed lady!

  3. That is an AWESOME looking blast. Look at that inner cell well defined! Congrats on having a successful transfer and some frosties to boot!

  4. Yay! Crossing my fingers and saying lots of prayers that November 8th comes fast and with some great news!

  5. Very exciting!!! hope this 2ww goes by fast and you feel lots of peace during it!!