Stim update

For those of you who said I would get use to the shots you were absolutely right. First stim day my mind was thinking unpleasant thoughts. 

1st Day: OMG! That shit burned. I can't do this for 10 days!! 

2nd Day: Ouch! Boohoo me. Suck it up missy this is nothing compared to labor. 

3rd Day: Silent. Asking J to hurry up and just get it over with. 

I guess the third day was a charm. The menopur didn't burn as much. Follitism is a peace of cake. We will see how I react to ganirelix. Today was my ultrasound/ labs appointment. My arm is do bruised up that I feel twice the pain when they poke at it. My nurse tried to comfort me by saying "Aren't you glad it's getting cold so you can cover this up, Before people start asking you WTF are you doing?"  Lol! The way she said it made me giggle. I saw another Dr (again) he's actually the owner of the place. He's the type to say Hello, everything looks good, bye kind of guy. I miss my Dr at this point but oh well at least my nurse was there to explain things in detail. 

Lining: 4.55 mm ( still bleeding)
R: 12
L: 11 

At this point all of them are to small to even measure. I will go back Thursday morning to check my progress. Ah! As far as the Dr I saw on Friday he is actually just there to help out while Dr. Brown is on leave, so I guess he's been an RE for a while. 

Cramps cramps go away!! 
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  1. What a fantastic start!!! Sounds like lots of eggs, which is awesome! So glad the shots are getting easier. The Ganirelix, for me, was easy, so don't sweat it. You've got this, love the way you're coming along!

  2. Off to a great start little lady! Yay! Love your nurse's sense of humor. Gotta find ways to laugh right?!