This month brings a lot of mixed emotions. From excitement to sadness. I should have been, or close to, holding our son in my arms. On Friday I watched "Heaven is for real" and it made me wonder,  miss our little boy. I know he's in a better place looking down on us. Time has healed but not entirely. This month will always be a hard month for me. Baby know that I will always keep you dear to my heart.

I've managed to remain optimistic throughout our FET cycle. I recall feeling bleh! during FET#2, as if I knew it wasn't going to work. With this cycle I've felt excitement all over again. Up until today...It's hard to refrain from negative thoughts. Here I am 3dp5dt thinking what if this doesn't work? Would I be able to move forward with another cycle? Should I take a break? I'm trying to stay positive and push all these negative thoughts out of my mind.

Friday was transfer day. It was an exciting day for us. I wanted every moment to be captured! Something in my heart told me this was it I had to create memories. And that's exactly what we did. 

I was able to record the transfer on my phone with the Drs permission of course. I'm telling you I was excited and something told me I needed to do this to show my future how they came to be.

That day I took it easy for the rest of the day. The following day we left to Dallas in the afternoon.  I was surprisingly calm until we hit traffic due to rain. We managed to make it to Dallas in 5 hours. Ugh! The rest of the night I was able to relax. 

Then the day we have been waiting for had arrived!! First day of football season!! 

First of all, I did not expect to see the Cowboys stadium be taken over by 49er fans. Wow! 
Look at that RED! Such a great start to the season. I'm sure I don't have to remind anyone that the Cowboys had an embarrassing loss. Here's hoping we have a victory ending to our FET cycle as well. 

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  1. Yay for transfer day! You are now PUPO!!!! Let me know next time you are in Dallas!!!!

  2. Yep I don't need the reminder of the terrible Cowboys..ugh. Every year we hope they will be better but nope that doesn't happen lol I think these are all good feelings you are having so praying you get that BFP soon!!

  3. I am praying so hard that this is the one for you! For now just try to keep up the good and optimistic attitude! xoxo!

  4. OH yayayayayay! I am so excited for you and I am in awe of your optimism!!! Baby dust!!

    OH, and at least you are not wearing Cowboys jersey's. I may have had to stop reading your blog. I'm an Eagles fan. Just kidding.