Weekend Recap

Labor day weekend started on a good note. Saturday morning we had our lining check appointment.  Dr. B was ecstatic with my lining. It measured 10mm, I have never had a lining that thick. It was always around 7 or near 8 mm in the past. She was so excited that she gave us a high five. Then I asked her what her thoughts were about us traveling to Dallas the day after transfer for Sundays game. She gave her blessing then J and Dr B began to talk fantasy football. Let's just say J & I are on the same page that Dr B was meant to be a part of our infertility journey.

Later that day we headed to a friend's house so J can pick his players for Fantasy Football. It was a nice get together with lots of food insight. Yes I ate unhealthy food all weekend. Ashamed but I couldn't help it. My sis in law of course took my niece and a friend took her 9 month old. I felt awkward because every women there was a mother. We were all in the living room hanging out when A puts her 9 month old on my lap. The little girl was misbehaving so she apparently thought it was a good idea to hand her over to me. At first I was shocked that she wouldn't even ask. But to be honest we ended up hitting it off. I spend most of the time playing with her. When she was leaving A asked her to say bye to me and she embrace me with a hug and kiss.

Afterwards I spend some time with my niece. Big difference between a 2 month and 9 month old. Regardless I made her smile a couple times.

Sunday we had family come down from Dallas and Austin.  Family time is always fun. I again pigged out. 

Hahaha! This picture cracks me up. My aunt and my SIL grandmother.  

Friday is almost here and as it gets closer I am getting extremely excited. This is the first time around I told my mom the exact date of our transfer. I asked her to be discrete about it just for the sake of our privacy. She agreed and has done such a great job not saying a word to anyone besides my dad. This was such a relief because I dislike keeping things from her.

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  1. I love this post!! It just sounds like everything is going so well for this transfer! Praying for you!

  2. Praying so hard that this cycle is the one! Friday can't come fast enough! Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! What do you put on your corn? I love corn. It's my favorite summer food. I have my fingers crossed for the 10mm lining to be your winning ticket!

    1. I put mayo, cheese, and paprika. Oh and butter. Delicious!

  4. So glad your appt went well! Yay for a high five - that looks like a great weekend! DALLAS :) That is where I live!!!!!!!

  5. Ooooh a 10, a 10! That is spectacular news! Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of your cycle to turn out just as perfectly...and also for your fantasy picks to do well! hehe

  6. Hoping this transfer is the magian one and yay for perfect lining so far.