19 & 20 Week Bump Update

How far along? 20 weeks & 2 days. Finally starting to show although people haven't asked I guess out of fear. LOL! 

Baby Size: As big as a Banana (Which personally I think a mango weighs more than a Banana)

Total weight gain: 4lbs

Maternity clothes: Gave in to work maternity pants! They are amazing!!! I still fit in to my jeans with the rubber band trick so no hurry there.

Stretch marks: My right hip has an old stretch mark but rather than that none.

Sleep: Intermittent. If nightmares don't wake me up then I sleep fine. Once I'm awake I need to pee lol!

Food cravings: Apples w/ peanut butter!! Amazing! Who says no to peanut butter?? 

Best moment this week: Feeling my little man move more consistently. It feels weird but I love it! Can't wait til they get stronger. 

Miss anything? Absolutely nada!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not anymore which is great.

Gender: A little mini J

Symptoms: Acne (all over forehead, chest, and some on my back.) 

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Over the moon every minute of the day!! 

Looking forward to: J feeling our son move, although I know it might be a couple more weeks. Also my next appt on April 2nd!! Love seeing him grow. 

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  1. You are just so tiny!!!!! So excited for your next appointment! That will be here so soon!

  2. You look fabulous for 20 weeks girl!! So glad everything is going well :)

  3. You look fantastic!!! I'm so so happy for you and thrilled that everything is just sailing right along! :)

  4. You are beautiful!!! And I agree- mangoes seem bigger than bananas to me. Who makes those fruit comparisons up, anyway?! :)

  5. Amazing!! I also think a mango weighs more than a banana. lol

  6. You look amazing! Can't believe you're already half way there! Woohoo!

  7. Ahhhh! You look adorable! Half way there!!

  8. Looking fantastic!!! halfway there!