CD1 Where are you?

I am currently on CD33 and 16dpo. My HCG came back negative so I am wondering where AF went off to. A part of me already knew this cycle wasnt going to take but a girl can dream, right? I am just grateful that I found a new clinic that people have heard great things about. After I decided to make the switch I spoke to my manager about changing my schedule. Once I told her that I was planning on going to the clinic down the street from work she smiled and said, "OMG! I am glad you are deciding to go there. I have heard such great things about that place and I think you will be in great hands." I switched schedules with one of my coworkers so I can attend my appointment and let me tell was the longest day ever. Being at work after 2pm is exhausting. So I ultimately made the decision to keep my current schedule and when need be I will change with someone.

This upcoming cycle, if it ever starts, I will go all natural. No fertility meds to give my body a break and crossing my fingers I dont have a super wonky cycle. I am planning on doing a fertility cleanse so I can prepare my body for whatever my new RE decides to do. I might be going through a laparoscopy to figure out what is going on with thee fallopian tube. That is just an assumption going off of what my x-coworker said. I will continue doing castor oil packs as well as using radiant womb with the fertility massage. I read a lot of reviews of women being dx with blocked tubes and they naturally conceive when they combine castor oil, massage, and wobenzym. So that will be my approach until I get the 411.

I want to send out prayers to a dear blog friend who finally got her BFP over the weekend. Praying that your BETA doubles and you have a healthy nine months. Also, another prayer for another dear blog friend who just had her ET yesterday. Praying that you will get your BFP and everything goes smoothly. Amber and Em, you will be in my thoughts.
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  1. Oh the waiting, it never ends does it?! Always waiting for something!! I hope AF arrives soon so you can move on to your natural cycle. Sounds like you have a good plan coming up with your new fertility cleanse and the new RE. Good luck!!!

  2. Well aren't you a sweetiepie?! Thanks for the shout out love. So excited for you to get a fresh set of eyes to help you soon. Oh, and I believe those castor oil packs are very powerful! Enjoy the natural cycle. A break can really do the body good!

  3. so frustrating when AF takes her time. I never have had a cycle less than 32 days so I feel your pain. Let's go AF... Hurry the He!! up!

  4. Jojo, you are so sweet!! Thank you so much for the shout out. I really wish we were celebrating our BFPs together, but I am really glad you have a second opinion. My BFP came from my 3rd RE! And he spent a cycle and a half doing testing and stuff before doing any treatment, but it was all worth it (obviously). I am glad you are taking a break from the meds 'cause I think our bodies need that and I am hoping the consult goes awesome and that this is the right one for you. Following your journey and supporting you all the way girl!