Being on a natural cycle this time around it has allowed me to recollect myself and change my perspective a little. Sometimes I feel like I have lost a part of who I am/ was throughout this journey. It didnt really hit me until people started pointed out the fact that I have changed. A part of me wanted to cry because I felt like they didnt understand my reasons for it. In the end I realized that they couldnt begin to comprehend what I was going through. How could they, if they have never been in my shoes?

Anyway, this weekend was splendid certainly unexpected. I knew the wedding was a celebration BUT I didnt know that a family gathering is all I needed. Family and friends flew in from California to celebrate this special day with my brother.


On Thursday it was the bachelorette party. I didnt expect for me to enjoy it that much since I havent been myself. Friends flew in to surprise the Bride to be and send her of with a memorable night. One of those friends was my best friend back in HS. The night started of slowly with a relaxed enviornment. Then in a blink of an eye the night seemed to fly by. Lets just say it seemed like I was the bride to be. LOL! Not my fault she was being so uptight.

When the night ended I was basically being carried out of the club. (SSHH...dont ask) Someone called DH ledding him to believe we didnt have a ride home. With a panic he rushed over to get me but by the time he got there we were home already. I have never seen him so worried in my life. He was extremely attentive with me ensuring I was doing well. The following morning he had to ask what happened to me. I couldnt help but laugh just to say, "You are so not use to me drinking are you?" I am not a drinker. If I drink I have a glass of wine here and there. All weekend DH was being uberly attentive and caring. Not saying that he isnt like this on other occassions it was just turn up a notch. I would take being told "I love you" every time we looked at each other any day of the week.

The wedding was a ton of fun. Rain and everything. YES it poured on an outside wedding. That sure did not stop the party for my family. We can now say we danced in the rain. This wedding is definitely going down as a unique but memorable experienced. Everyone was exhausted at the end of the night. The DJ told my mother that she thought people had a bit much to drink because of the way they were acting. My mother just laughed adding, "Oh no thats how they are intoxicated or not."

Since I have been so carefree this cycle I have not been consistent with BBT or OPKs. So needles to say I dont know if I have O or not. This morning I decided to temp and it was at 97.92. Could be from the alcohol this weekend so I wont consider myself post O until I get two more high temps. I never thought it would feel so good to take a break from all this mumbo jumbo.

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  1. So glad you are enjoying the break from it all. Cute pics and love that pink dress on you!

  2. I am really glad you are enjoying the break, you deserve it! Glad you had a blast over the weekend too!

  3. So happy that you've been enjoying yourself!! :)

  4. Breaks are awesome and I'm glad you had a ton of fun! Good for you!

  5. It is so healthy to take breaks so you forget you are a "fertility patient" for a little while. Glad you had so much fun.